We're Back!

Oops! Well, that was an unintended blog hiatus!

But here I am with proof that I'm still alive---and the Baby Overlord is doing well too! In fact, I should probably address her as the Toddler Overlord from now on because she's growing like a tumbleweed, crawling up a storm, and getting ready for world takeover because she's *thisclose* to walking. Save yourselves!

Also, I need to trim her bangs but the thought of taking her to the little kid salon and listening to her scream bloody murder while a poor stylist tries to cut her semi-mullet sounds about as fun as barbecuing my feet. So we'll just let her hair grow!

Anyway, the last few months have kept me quite busy with revisions, baby wrangling, more revisions, sneaking some hang out time with Justin, and hugging my dog. But now I have some down time while I await additional edits for my 2016 book (spies in Occupied France!) and I'm not really sure what to do with myself. Ha! So I've been watching lots of "Inside Amy Schumer" and reading up a storm. I recently finished Station ElevenCrossover, and Bomb: The Race to Build--and Steal--the World's Most Dangerous Weapon--all of which I'd heartily recommend! Like, seriously. If you decide to pick one up I promise that it won't disappoint, and I say that as a rather picky reader myself.

Sigh, it's almost time for me to pick up the Overlord from the sitter's! Here's to hoping I'll be back again soon!