Oh Hello 2015!

Whoops! I certainly didn't intend to take such a long blog break but here we are in 2015 and I have yet to write a post. I blame this hiatus upon: the deadline on my new Scholastic book, a dreadful cold that the baby caught, throwing ball for Otto, something called Christmas, and going to bed at 9PM.

In other words, my life is soooo glamorous! Jealous much, Taylor Swift?

So let's play some catch up in photograph form! Alas, I haven't dusted off my DSLR in awhile so these iPhone pics will have to do (but I did manage to gussy them up a little in Pixlr so I'm not completely hopeless...yet). And here we go!

Aimee Rose celebrated her first birthday! Whoa nelly, where did this first year go?! We just got back from her first-year check-up and the doctor gave us two thumbs up. 20 lbs! Freshly vaccinated! And he gave us some parting advice: your baby will act like a teenager this year so get ready! Oh boy oh boy ... 

Back in November, we headed up to New York for our first family trip! I had a signing at Books of Wonder, which is simply a lovely store with even lovelier staff; and we also hung out with my best friend Amanda and her daughter Lilah. These girls are going to be BFFs. I shall force them. 

The three of us spent one gray morning just cuddling in bed. And why is Aimee Rose holding measuring spoons, you might ask? BECAUSE SHE LOVES THEM, I say! We're not toy snobs in the Richmond household. You want cheap kitchen utensils to play with? Mama gives you said cheap utensils. 

One of the highlights of my fall---along with eating delicious ramen in New York and surviving the baby's first train ride---was attending NCTE, an annual conference for English teachers. Scholastic was kind enough to set up a couple signings for me, and in between them I wandered around the conference floor in a daze, feeling very lucky to just be there and feeling quite verklempt at seeing the word "Author" on my name tag. (Also, I snagged a few ARCs. No shame!) 

Mostly though, my days have revolved around this little girl (and looking forward to when her papa comes home at night!). She's now talking ("Hiiiii!" she says) and crawling and growing new teeth. She's happy one second, then crying in the next, and then she's back to, "Oh hi! I love you!" She keeps me on my toes, this girl, but I love her very much and feel so very grateful to be her mama.

Except for when she barfs on me. Then she's Justin's daughter. :)

How are you guys doing?! Long time, no chat! Let me know what you're reading and what you're writing and what you've been up to!