A Quick Recap!

Oh, hi! I'm afraid this will have to be a quick catch-up post—'cause it's 9:30PM and past my bedtime—but I thought I'd write about my life as an author post-publication. 

*Cue Fergie's song "Glamorous

This fab new life of mine includes: 

* Waking up at 2AM to soothe my crying child!
* Bringing my dog to the dog park! 
* Flossing! 


In all seriousness though, I'm continually humbled and grateful to have a book out there in the world. On my pub day itself, I took my MIL out to lunch and did a little shopping, and then I hopped over to BN to find my book on the shelf. And find it I did! I was all alone in the Teen Fantasy & Adventures section of the store so I just had to take a selfie. All I could think about in that moment was, whoaaaa. There was my book! With my name on it! Then I scurried away to get back to the fussy Baby Overlord who did not care one whit about this momentous day, only that she had been sitting in her stroller for far too long and can we please leave now? 

She's my reality check. :) 

All in all, I'm a bit bewildered about this dichotomy that consists of fulfilling a lifelong dream and ordinary ho-hum life. One moment I'm like, "My book is out! FLAILS!" And the next moment is all, "Where is the dog's allergy medicine?!" But hey, I'm not complaining! I just wish I had a time-turner that's all. And maybe a night nanny who can let me get a full eight hours of sleep. 

But I digress. Onto pictures! 

{I'm not wearing a bit of makeup in this picture. So glamorous!}
{Here's my friend Courtney and me at my launch party. She drove all the way from NC to DC!}
{The Overlord is making a funny face in this pic. 'Hey, you talkin' to me?'}

How are you guys doing though? What are you up to? What are you reading? I just borrowed Code Name Verity from my library because I heard so many good things about it and because I need to read more historical fiction while I'm drafting my own WWII manuscript. Yipes, drafting is so tough!