April 6, 2014

We're Still Alive! And I've even brushed my hair!

Don't worry! We haven't been eaten by crocodiles or kidnapped by a band of merry-making pirates. Nope, I've been here all along but with a cute-but-demanding newborn who insists on being held all the time. Mama, hold me! Never put me down! In short, she is the boss of me.

But who can say no to this?

Quick update on the Bean and me:

* She has already outgrown her newborn onesies and diapers! This makes me sob a little inside.
* She has colic at night! Ah, joy of joys. I need some ear plugs.
* I've found part-time help! True, joy of joys! I shall use this precious time to do important things like mail bills, feed myself, and wash my hair.
* This week I also plan on starting a MG project! I'm rather excited about getting back into the writing seat!

Speaking of books, I don't think I ever revealed my cover on this ye olde blog! My novel now has a new title, and it's up on Amazon too! Holy moly, I can't believe that it'll be out in six months!

Well, there you have it! My human baby and my book baby all in one post! And now if you'll excuse me I need to stuff my face with a bowl of Cranberry Almond Crunch before the Little Slavemaster starts calling for me again.

How have you been? Tell me what I've missed!


  1. What a post- cute baby & book pics! =) Also, Caroline, when September comes, I'd love to feature you and TOTTF on my blog- it looks sooo good! Glad you've got some help- being able to take good care of yourself helps you to be able to then take good care of the baby. Give her a little squeeze from me! =)

  2. OMG...the little Bean is absolutely, positively adorable! sending lots of tickles, giggles and love. and mucho congrats on the upcoming novel. can't wait to read it. I'm happy to announce that I just sold my first YA fantasy short story to the UK anthology Dark Heart. take care.

  3. Your daughter is adorable, and your cover looks amazing!!! I'm super excited to read your book. :D

  4. Hurray for the hair brushing! Your little cutie is so ... well, cute! Seriously adorable. And the little ears on her hoodie?! Ahhhhh! *dies of cuteness* :) Thanks for sharing photos!

    And I love your book cover! Love. Can't wait to read your book!! Happy writing with the new MG project! Exciting!