April 18, 2014

Friday Five: Baby Edition

I'm sorry that this blog has turned into a OMG-I-had-a-baby blog but...I can't help it! My days and nights are currently consumed by this cute and cuddly Baby Overlord who loves being held and who loves being demanding. Hold me and never let me go, mama! Thus the 'Baby Overlord' nickname. 

Overlording aside, I'm happy to report that Aimee Rose has started smiling! And making adorable little baby sounds! It's in those moments, despite all of the crying and spitting-up and waking up at 4AM, that I think to myself: I love being this little girl's mom.

And after those sweet moments, the Baby Overlord undoubtedly says, "WAAHHHHH! I've pooped myself!"  

Have I mentioned that Justin has been in the Philippines for two weeks on business? Indeed he has! Leaving me all alone with above Overlord! Fortunately, I've found a really wonderful babysitter who watches Aimee Rose for about 12 hours a week so I can write. Okay, okay, so maybe I haven't done a lot of writing this past week but I have been catching up on chores (um, I may have forgotten to water the plants for 2+ months), showering, and watching an incredible amount of 30 Rock reruns. Cheesy blasters! What the what! 

As for writing, I may not have gotten much done on the word count front but I have been doing a lot of brainstorming for my middle grade fantasy. This is an idea that has been brewing in my jumbled mind for a few years (!) but now I'm finally trying to write the whole manuscript rather than a few scattered chapters or passages here and there. Blergh. I'm so bad at rough-drafting. Wish me luck? 

Lastly, I've updated y'all on my human baby but here is some news on the book baby front. Look, look! ARCs! My editor mailed them to me last week, and I now have 10 copies sitting on my kitchen counter. I'm not quite sure what to do with them to maximize my marketing efforts ... Mail them to local librarians? Send them to bloggers? Hug them and tell them they're loved? Questions, questions! 

So there you have it! My Friday five! How are you guys doing? Any fun weekend plans? I'm hoping to spend lots of time outside because spring is finally here and I need to savor these humid-less weeks before the evil DC summer approaches with its terrible no-good Saharan-like heat. Also, I'm counting down the hours till Justin gets home. It's his turn to change the Baby Overlord's diapers! :)


  1. She. is. SO. cute!!! Also, I am such a horrible writer friend! WHEN DID YOU SELL YOUR BOOK? See, I've been lost in mamaville for wayyyy too long to have missed this amazing news. *hug*

  2. Sara! Oh please, you are a wonderful friend! I've been thinking about you, and we totally need to get together and have a baby date! I hope you guys are doing well!

  3. ARCs! Yay! But more importantly, Aimee Rose is all kinds of adorable. That photo of her is precious (the belly button!) and her smile is too cute. Keep the Overlord gushes coming. :-)

  4. It's been too long since I've over here. Love the updates! So cool to have real actual copies of your book!

  5. Your baby is so cute so keep those pictures coming! :)

    YAY for ARCs. I cannot wait to read your book.

  6. Thanks for sharing photos of your cutie! :) And I love the update.

    Ooh, I just read this post from Erin Bowman on marketing & self-promo materials. She has some advice on ARCs too, and the post is great: http://www.publishingcrawl.com/2014/04/07/self-promo-and-marketing-materials-that-work/

  7. pretty nice blog, following :)