I downloaded a few photos from my camera today, and I realized...

Wow, there are some old pictures on here!

Ok, they're only a few weeks old—so not the ancient Egyptian sort of old—but I'm usually a lot better about downloading stuff from my DSLR. I suppose getting a puppy has been more time-consuming than I had realized?

When in doubt, BLAME THE DOG! :)

So here we are, pictures!

{Tiny white flowers at the Tudor Place gardens in Georgetown.}

{Here is the pup! He has doubled his weight since we took him home two months ago!}

{My dear friend Andrea got hitched in April! Isn't she gorgeous?}
{And here is my nephew Sean! This picture was taken this morning. Love him.}

And now back to the writing cave! 

Blergh. Please save me from the writing cave? Anyone?