March 29, 2013

Friday Five

I snapped the above picture during a quick stroll through DC on Wednesday. Isn't this building a beauty? I love the soft pink color—it totally pops amongst the gray government buildings beside it—and I adore those turrets. Wouldn't it be marvelous to have a little reading room turret? 

Wednesday was a rather lovely day! I took a break from writing and freelancing to explore the Pre-Raphaelite exhibit at the National Gallery. I fell in love with the Pre-Raphaelite movement during my semester in London—I didn't even know that it had existed before that!—and so I was completely ecstatic when I first heard about this exhibit, which is a joint venture between the National Gallery and the Tate Britain. The exhibit itself was wonderful! Breathtaking! My favorites were Lady Lilith and The Lady of Shallott (my new favorite painting!). 

In puppy news, Otto turns three-months-old this weekend! It's crazy to think that we got him only four weeks ago. *Sniff* How time flies! Now for a bit of humble-bragging.... Otto has learned how to sit, stay, and touch (touching his nose to our hands); and we're working on "come" and "lay down." Our Puppy Kindergarten instructor said that he's doing super well with training, which made me beam with pride. HE IS THE BEST DOG IN THE WORLD! Haha. Dog owner mania, perhaps? 

On the reading front, I finished Eleanor & Park a couple weeks ago and can't stop thinking about it. It was so bloody good! The characters. The prose. The plot. It was all amazing. Le sigh. This is one of the books that deserves all of the hype! 

Oh! My niece is coming to visit us this week! Yay! I'm so excited to see Rowan (who's nearly five!), and to do a lot of fun kiddo things with her. We're thinking about taking her to the Cherry Blossom Festival, the Natural History Museum, and the Ringling Brother's Circus. ZOMG, the circus! I might be more excited about that than she is! 

How about you? What are you up to this weekend?


  1. CIRCUS! Aggghh! I want to go to the circus. I also want a reading nook. And a puppy. And maybe to go to that Pre-Raphaelite exhibit. I feel bad that I don't take advantage of all the cultural DC offerings more often!

    1. I'll totally go to the Pre-Raphaelite exhibit with you! I loved it and would love to see it again before it closes! I think you'd really like it!

  2. Gooo Otto! Loki only stays when he knows I have food and even then he gets nervous if I go too far away and moves to come after me.

    Yay for Rowan visiting! She'll get to have puppy play time too! :D

  3. That building is gorgeous! I feel like I would like DC a lot, just because the old-buildings-and-museums vibe really matches Canada's capital too, haha.

    YAY Otto! He's living up to his German shepherd intelligence, I see. :) As for Eleanor & Park, I've heard SO many amazing things about it from almost all of my friends--so glad the praise only continues! Really excited to read it now.

  4. I love that building! Ugh, makes me miss DC. Hope you're enjoying the cherry blossoms!

  5. Aww, ELEANOR & PARK! I absolutely adored that story... I'm stilling thinking about it nearly a month after reading! I hope you have so much fun visiting with Rowan! Claire and I talk about her from time to time. I bet she's becoming such a little lady!

    Happy Easter!

  6. I started ELEANOR & PARK this weekend and I'm loving it so far! Taking my time to savor it. :)

    I love the DC pic. The next time I'm there, I would LOVE to meet up! I really enjoyed myself in DC so I'd love another excuse to visit.

    Enjoy your time with your niece!

  7. Wow it IS beautiful. I had no idea they had such beautiful buildings in DC--but then again I haven't been there since maybe 2002.