The Love List

I know it's Thursday and thus a day late, but is it okay if I belatedly participate in YA Highway's weekly blog prompt?

This week's topic was too fun to pass up!

Basically, the prompt asks us to create a "Love List" for our books or works-in-progress. What exactly is a Love List? Well, it's a simple collection of words and phrases that sparked the creation of a story. (The one and only Stephanie Perkins explains it all in this blog post.)

So here's my own Love List for my YA alternate history, ANOMALY...

A lonely girl
A humble, handsome boy
Shenandoah hills
Secret superpowers
Secret allies?
A bead of blood
Brick-and-marble cities
Soldiers, scrambling
The capital, burning
A treetop kiss
Pale eyes, opening

And to steal an idea from Tracey Neithercott and Erin Bowman, I've also included a few images that hopefully capture what ANOMALY is about.

{A lonely girl in the Shenandoah Hills}
{Soldiers in the city}
How about you? Do you have a Love List for your novel? If so, what's on it? 

Do spill!