Lately, I've resolved to get my arse off the sofa and, you know, do things. 

See, my revisions have taken over my life in the last few weeks and so I've transformed into a writer-hermit who only ventures outside to fetch the mail or gather necessary supplies (ie, edible things, toothpaste, etc.). 

But enough! I must DO ALL THE THINGS! 

Especially because DC gets so lovely around this time of year, with the humidity dimming and the tourists disappearing and the stores hosting lots of fabulous sales. 

Mmm, shopping. :) 

Recently, my little sis and I ventured to Georgetown, one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city that's full of adorable townhomes, gas street lamps, and flowers aplenty. Oh! There are a ton of stores and restaurants here too, like Anthropologie and H&M and Paper Source and Urban Outfitters. Basically, I want to go here when I die. (I bought this dress in blue.)

Onto some pics! How I love you beloved DSLR! 

{Hello green door! This house dates back to 1810.}
{The summer's last hydrangeas.}
{Miniature Black-eyed Susans.}
{Must. Live. Here. Now.}

More writing- and book-related posts to come soon!

How are you, by the way?