A Writer's Retreat with Me, Myself, and I

Justin and I are spending a few days in the quaint town of Orange, Virginia. 

He is taking a class for work.
I am reading, writing, and--most importantly--eating lots of food. 

Food in belly = Happy me! 

Since Justin will be gone most of the day, I'm dubbing this mini-vacation a writing retreat! With one participant! Me! 

Let's see how many words I can write in the next three days, hmm? Have I mentioned that I'm a terribly slow first drafter? 

{The Mayhurst Inn}
We're staying at a historic B&B that dates back to 1859! General Robert E. Lee once visited this house and General "Stonewall" Jackson once stayed the night too. I'm a huge, huge history nerd so this kind of information makes my brain very excited...even though I'm a Yankee girl through and through.

{B&B decor with a splash of YA}
My reading list for my little retreat includes: 

That last book is a Civil War history that spans over a 800 pages. Yowza, it is a monster read! But it's incredibly researched and impeccably written. Still, my eyeballs are going a little cross-eyed. :)

 Obviously, no writer's retreat is complete without food and actual writing! This morning, I loaded up on a yummy egg-filled breakfast and then opened up Word to my WIP. It is a YA novel and it is set in space.

Breakfast + Spaceship-filled books = Happy Caroline!

Tell me though...how are you doing? What are you up to? And what are you reading?