Friday Five

Whew! Sorry for the long delay in posting!

For the past couple weeks, I have been BURIED in revisions for my YA alternate history. Seriously, this is the book that never ends. Every time I think I'm satisfied with it, I find something else I need to fix. Right now, I'm mired in line edits.

I always line edit on a hard copy of my manuscript, single-spaced to save paper. I also write in a scrawl that only I can interpret. My own secret language! Bwahahaha. 

My nightly Sunday ritual now consists of: 

Picking up my grandma from her apartment complex.
Eating Asian food with her and my little sis.
Then devouring ice cream at Ben & Jerry's. 

My grandma always gets the coffee flavor. My grandma is also game for funny pictures, as evidenced below.

This last Sunday, my sister snapped this picture of me with my grandma. I think I look kind of young in it, which is rather pleasing to me since I am---in actuality---a forty-year-old woman.

I kid, I kid! 

But funnily enough, I got mistaken for a high schooler later this week. When I told my dad about this, he promptly snorted and said, "Haaaaaaaaa! Come on." 

My dad does not mince words. Thanks, Dad!

A ha! Now, I look more my age. (Which is the tender age of twenty.) (Not really.)

I hope you guys grabbed a free Slurpee on Wednesday at 7-11! My sister got pina colada while I opted for the tried and true favorite of Slurpee Coke. Oh man, Slurpee Coke. Manna from heaven in liquid form. 

Hope you have a fantastic weekend! What are you guys up to? 

Tonight, I'm heading to Truckeroo, which is a food festival in DC that features all sorts of yummy food trucks! I am rather excited about the food truck dedicated to mac & cheese. My kind of people!