July 13, 2012

Friday Five

Whew! Sorry for the long delay in posting!

For the past couple weeks, I have been BURIED in revisions for my YA alternate history. Seriously, this is the book that never ends. Every time I think I'm satisfied with it, I find something else I need to fix. Right now, I'm mired in line edits.

I always line edit on a hard copy of my manuscript, single-spaced to save paper. I also write in a scrawl that only I can interpret. My own secret language! Bwahahaha. 

My nightly Sunday ritual now consists of: 

Picking up my grandma from her apartment complex.
Eating Asian food with her and my little sis.
Then devouring ice cream at Ben & Jerry's. 

My grandma always gets the coffee flavor. My grandma is also game for funny pictures, as evidenced below.

This last Sunday, my sister snapped this picture of me with my grandma. I think I look kind of young in it, which is rather pleasing to me since I am---in actuality---a forty-year-old woman.

I kid, I kid! 

But funnily enough, I got mistaken for a high schooler later this week. When I told my dad about this, he promptly snorted and said, "Haaaaaaaaa! Come on." 

My dad does not mince words. Thanks, Dad!

A ha! Now, I look more my age. (Which is the tender age of twenty.) (Not really.)

I hope you guys grabbed a free Slurpee on Wednesday at 7-11! My sister got pina colada while I opted for the tried and true favorite of Slurpee Coke. Oh man, Slurpee Coke. Manna from heaven in liquid form. 

Hope you have a fantastic weekend! What are you guys up to? 

Tonight, I'm heading to Truckeroo, which is a food festival in DC that features all sorts of yummy food trucks! I am rather excited about the food truck dedicated to mac & cheese. My kind of people!


  1. OMG Slurpee Coke is sooooo good!

    Go you on your edits and looking young! Yay for Asian Fountain of Youth, lol. Okay, except that people are always thinking my sister and I are twins (we don't even look alike) but that we're twins at HER age...or younger. People always think she's a high schooler.

  2. man, I wish they had 7-11s here, but alas, they do not. My Uncle actually is a part owner of one in NoVa, no jokes about Indians and 7-lls, please.

  3. Your Grandma is my new favorite "mature" woman! Silly pictures leave such a great legacy for later generations. I think it also says a lot about the person. We found a fantastic gem from the 50s. Geoff's grand parents threw a costume party and Geoff's grandpa went as a topless bombshell in a grass skirt... PRICELESS!

    So jealous about the slurpee... we don't have 7-11s in NC. Booo NC! Please come visit!

  4. Your grandma is so, so awesome. :)

    And ah, scribbling in scrawls, it's something I do, too. Except mine's so terrible even I can't interpret it later.