A Weekend in New York!

{Walking along the pier.}

How was your weekend? 

I was lucky enough to spend mine in New York City! My best friends and I decided it had been far too long since we've spent a weekend together, sans kids and sans significant others. Commence lots of chatting and giggling and gorging of food! 

My New York diet consisted of:

- A bucket of gelato
- Plate upon plate of tapas
- Far too much hot chocolate
- Bagels smothered with scallion cream cheese
- Not enough hot dogs

Hmm. Very well-balanced, methinks!

But, hey, we walked a lot! So it balances out, right? Maybe? 

Anyway...is it okay if I get a little sappy here? But I'm so grateful to have these gals in my life. We've known each other since middle school and they've buoyed me through freak-outs and heartbreaks, through crises of all sorts. Despite my stubbornness and my strange quirks (and I have a lot of quirks!) I know they have my back. My life is richer, happier, simply better, with them in it. 

Yay for good friends! 


{Amanda & Allie}

{When Amanda tells us to strike a pose, we listen.}
{Standing on top of the Irish Hunger Memorial.}

All in all, a lovely weekend with lovely weather and even lovelier company. The only bad part? I caught a cold the second day of our trip, which I subsequently passed onto both Allie and Amanda.

Um, sorry!

Stay away from me! I'm diseased!