Friday Five

Justin is home!

He never has to go back to Afghanistan again!


{Welcome home, my handsome jet-lagged husband!}

Today is also Justin's birthday! Happy birthday, honey!

We're celebrating tonight by going out to dinner at the Blue Duck Tavern, a restaurant we both have been meaning to try for awhile. I'm excited/nervous to try out dishes like "Crispy Fried Veal Sweetbreads" and "Roasted Bone Marrow Truffle Crust." Hmm, maybe I'll pass on that last one....

Tomorrow, Justin's family flies in from Seattle for a four-day visit. The weather in DC is hot and humid and generally miserable, but we have a few outings planned anyway. The schedule includes:
A visit to the National Zoo! (I love zoos! And this one is free!)
A day-trip to Baltimore! (National Aquarium! Unfortunately, not free.)
* A White House tour! (Maybe I'll see Bo?)
* Watching the Olympics! (Because I am obsessed! Ryan Lochte!) 

Just for fun, I loaned a 50mm camera lens from to snap some pictures of our family trip. Right now, I use my trusty 35mm lens but I've heard that its 50mm counterpart has better bokeh and is most ideal for portraiture. (I'm getting all technical but I really don't know anything about photography!)

{Blue flats on freshly cut grass.}

On the reading front, I'm taking a break from YA/MG and delving into adult non-fiction. First up, I'm making my way through Behind the Beautiful Forevers, an account of a poverty-stricken Mumbai slum. Next, I'm reading Battle Cry of Freedom, a sweeping history of the Civil War that won the Pulitzer Prize back in 1989. Justin and I want to visit a few Civil War sites this summer so I figured I should brush up on my history. Nerd historians unite! 

So what are you up to this weekend? Watching the Olympics?!?! I hope so! I am a self-professed Olympics Super Fan and I am DAMN PROUD OF IT! Team USA!