And I'm back!

Oh, poor neglected blog! How I have missed you! 

Well, I'm back from Seattle and I'm finally over the awful cold that my niece gave me. I was pretty much a zombie over the weekend, chewing Advil with my bare teeth and drinking Robitussin like it was apple juice. Oh, and sleeping! I did a lot of that. But now, I feel quite chipper and I'm ready to conquer the world! 

Or, you know, just write a new blog post. :) 

Onto the recap!

1. So what is it about little kids with colds? I swear they must have Super Contagious Germs. Not only did my niece give her cold to me, she also gave it to both of her parents and who knows who else. (Katy, I hope we didn't spread germs your way! I didn't know Rowan was sick!) But I can't be mad at my little niece. She's adorable! She can give me a cold any day and I'll forgive her. Look at the cuteness! 

2. So the trip to Seattle went well. My mother-in-law is rebounding fast after her surgery and getting stronger by the day. Even better, I didn't kill her! But I think she may have tried to kill ME toward the end of our trip. 

After five days of chauffering her around, I let her drive the day before I went home---and I nearly had a heart attack. There were a number of times where I clutched onto my seat, knuckles as white as Death, and shouted, "Red light! Red light!" 

When we reached our destination, I turned to her and said, "You feeling okay? You were, um, kind of driving in two lanes. On the highway."

She just laughed. "Oh, I feel fine! And that's the way I usually drive. Don't worry! The car's fine." 

3. Dear Jesus, Thank you for letting me survive my car ride with my mother-in-law at the wheel. I owe you one. Sincerely, Caroline

4. Definitely one of the highlights of my trip was having dinner with the Katy Upperman and her daughter! We met at an Italian restaurant and I brought along my niece so the kids could talk princesses while the adults talked books and writing. It was a blast and Katy is simply lovely (and really beautiful!)! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that her husband gets stationed in DC next. Bwahaha, more YA writers must live closer to meeee!

5. Probably the worst part of my trip was the flight. On the way there, I had to sit in the dreaded middle seat. Dun, dun, dun! I probably should have upgraded to Economy Plus but I was too stingy to pay the $49 fee. I mean, come on! Fifty bucks for a measly extra five inches of leg room? But man, it would have been worth it. I'm not six-foot-two and I don't have the shoulders of a linebacker, but I'm five-eight so I was still feeling quite cramped. 

On the bright side, I can use that unspent $49 on books! Border's closing sale, here I come! 

Speaking of Border's, insert sad face. My big Border's closed a couple months ago and now my Border's Express is closing too. Caroline = In Mourning.

It's glad to be back and promise more blog posts this week!