August 10, 2011

Wednesday Wants

Ah, I love window shopping, don't you? Except I guess I can't really call it "window shopping" since I'm just clicking on various links through my little netbook. Still, the name fits!

Since Justin and I are saving up for a house (Wahoo!), I've been doing more window shopping as of late. Here are a few things that have caught my eye recently:

I really, really love this orange dress from Anthropologie. The cinched waist, the full skirt, the pretty autumn-y color. Le sigh. Too bad it's $358. Yipes! If it wasn't that much, I think it'd be the perfect dress to wear to my best friend's rehearsal dinner in September.

Speaking of which, who wants to lend me $358?

In college, I had a love affair with high heels but high heels most certainly did NOT love me back. Ow, blisters! Fortunately, I've had a better relationship with ballet flats and I totally love this pretty blue pair from Anthro. (Forever Anthro!)

Okay, one last Anthro pick! Isn't this sweater really cool? I love its colorful pattern and I think it'd be super comfy with jeggings and knee-high boots. Preferably some chestnut-colored riding boots.

I know, I know. I have a feeling a few of you are shaking your heads at the word "jeggings." But don't hate 'til you've tried them, yo! Jeggings are a gift from God---the look of jeans with the comfort of lazy sweatpants. Gift. From. God.

I walked past an Arhaus furniture store today and I almost pressed my face against the window when I saw this chair. OMG, the pretty! I don't think it'd be terribly comfortable but isn't the fabric so lovely? Now, it's Justin's turn to shake his head at this post. See, he likes to make fun of me for liking uncomfortable furniure. But, hey, it's CUTE!

I want to read this book so badly. So badly! My friend Jessica Spotswood recently read it and so I've come up with a plan: sneak into Jess' house, feed her cat to keep him quiet, find Daughter, and tiptoe out. Good plan, no?

So what are you craving this Wednesday? More importantly, who wants to help me sneak into Jess' house? And even more importantly, who wants to lend me $358?


  1. Ha, I was looking at the orange Anthro dress yesterday myself. So pretty, but so pricey! And same thing for their flats. I am not paying over $100 for flats. Just: no.

    I have passed DAUGHTER on to other Apocalypsies, so sneaking into my house won't do you any good. My cat would appreciate more food though. Or if you wait a week, you *might* be able to steal some other ARCs. ;)

    Do you do Pinterest? I think you'd realllly like it.

  2. LOVE that dress. I will "lend" you the $358 if you "lend" me the dress!

    And is it just me, or is that last sweater pretty much the same print as on the chair? Clearly you like your wardrobe and your furniture to match! :P

    Where are you planning to buy that house you're saving up for?

  3. Jess, agreed! I never pay more than $40 for flats, simply because they tend to wear out easily.

    Damn! You already sent out DAUGHTER. Well, I still might "drop by" your house and "borrow" some of those juicy ARCs you have lying about. :)

    I need to join Pinterest! Do I need an invite or something?

    Vicki, haha, we should totally go in halfsies and buy that dress together! We'll switch off weeks. Sounds like a plan, right?

    And I didn't even notice the similar patterns between the sweater and chair just now! Haha. If I wore that sweater and sat in that chair, I'd be camouflaged.

    We're moving down to the Manassas area! Justin wants to move out even farther to Warrenton but I think that might be a bit *too* far from civilization. We'll see though! Warrenton sure does have some cheap houses...

  4. I agree with Jessica: Pinterest is awesome, and you definitely seem like someone who would enjoy it. Fair warning - it's SO addictive!

    Also, those shoes are ADORABLE, and I am dying to read DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE too. :)

  5. Katy, I just created an account on Pinterest! I seriously can't wait to check it out but the site won't load a new board for me! *Pouts* I'll try "friending" you if I can figure out how to do that. Haha.