Nightmares in Revisionland

The good news... I finished tackling the big-picture edits for my novel!

The bad news... Line edits!


So last Monday, I printed out my behemoth of a book (a whopping 159 pages!) to begin the long process of line-editing. Here is my novel in all of its printed glory:

As you might have noticed, I printed the book in single-space. This is for two reasons: 1.) to save paper (go trees!) and 2.) I HATE double-spacing. Throughout high school and college, I always wrote and edited my papers in single-space because I found it much easier to read. The only downside? I have to write my comments in a tiny, barely legible scrawl. And sometimes I can't decipher my own handwriting. Ah well!

It took me a few days, but I read through the manuscript and attacked its pages with my trusty blue pen. Poor little book! After awhile, it looked like a giant ink monster had bled all over it.

And now for the hard part... Once I finished marking up my manuscript, I had to transfer all of the changes onto the computer. Nooooooo! I hate this part the most--even more than I hate double-spacing! It's torturous. It's tedious. It's so boring. No wonder my face started to look like this:

But I made it through somehow. Because now my edits are all done! Phew! I sent off the manuscript to Jim yesterday afternoon and now I feel free, free, free!

As I await Jim's verdict, I plan on catching up on my beta-reading and trying to choose what project to tackle next. YA dystopian? MG mystery? YA contemporary that I'm afraid to write because I don't write contemporary?

Or maybe I'll just take a nap...

Hells yeah. :o)