September 16, 2010

Casting "The Hunger Games"

I'll admit it, I'm pretty nervous about who's going to get cast in the upcoming Hunger Games movie. After all, I adore this trilogy—Suzanne Collins' is a bloody genius!—and I'd hate to see the film ruined by bad casting. *cough...Miley Cyrus...cough*

Recently, conducted an online poll to see how fans would cast the movie if they had the chance. Much to my surprise, I think the fans have done a great job! (Note: this isn't the real casting—the poll was just for fun.)


Can I just say, "Um, yesssss!" I think actress Kaya Scodelario definitely looks a helluva lot like Katniss. The dark hair and eyes. The pale skin. The pretty face that can be dirtied up for the arena. Looks-wise, she's almost perfect for the role. (Although she might be a little too pretty.)

I also like how Scodelario is a relative unknown in the States. She has gained fame for a British TV series called "Skins," but she's not a household name by far. That's a definite pro in my book because I don't want someone super famous playing Katniss. *cough...Miley Cyrus...cough*


Hmm, this is the only casting call that I was hesitant about. Actor Hunter Parrish (Weeds) might be too much of a pretty boy. I mean, he looks like he's posing for a J.Crew catalogue in this picture! When I envision Peeta in my mind, I see him as cute and sweet but not really a dreamboat sort of guy. What do you guys think?


Ohhhh, I like! I think Gaspard Ulliel (Hannibal Rising) would make an arresting Gale. He even looks a bit like Kaya Scodelario, which is a good thing because Katniss mentions in the Hunger Games that some people mistake her and Gale as relatives. (Yeah, I can't believe I remembered that....)


Ah, Hugh Laurie is a PERFECT actor to play Haymitch! That scruff. Those penetrating eyes. Put a bottle of whiskey in his hands and hire him right now!

(Alternately, a lot of fans chose Robert Downey Jr. for this role. I think Downey would be a great Haymitch too. Decisions, decisions!)

So...what do you guys think? Do you think this poll was dead-on or dead wrong? Can't wait to read your responses! Because, let's face it, I'm obsessed with these books!


  1. Ohhhhhhhmygod. I'd heard about people suggesting RDJ for Haymitch, but Hugh Laurie never crossed my mind--and it's PERFECT. Wow. Squee!

    I absolutely love this suggestion for Katniss--I've never seen Skins so I can't talk about her acting, but the look is dead on.

    Peeta, though... that's just not Peeta in my head. I sometimes have a tendency to imagine characters vastly different to what everyone else thinks, and occasionally even defy the authors' descriptions themselves, so it might just be me. But I imagine Peeta as much more plain--which is why his rhetoric is so scintillating. He's not much to look at but when he speaks the whole world stops to listen. And I like that.

    Gale--yes yes.

    And Miley Cyrus? BITE YOUR TONGUE.

  2. yes to haymitch and katniss from me.

    i think the gale choice is fine too - but he looks so sulky in that particular picture!

    and, not sure about peeta.

    i had a similar expecrience of nervousness when my fave book of all time just hit the Australian cinemas. and mostly it all worked out okay - even though i pictured the charcters differently in my head they did a fab job on the screen.

    i'm nervous for the hunger games too.


  3. Oooh I hadn't heard about this casting poll. SO INTERESTING.

    I agree, Katniss shouldn't be any big star. It would be too unbelievable. I kinda like all of these choices--even Peeta. But thats cuz i was Team Gale. ;)

  4. Hugh Lsurie is PERFECT!!!

    Yes please!

  5. Hugh Laurie MUST play Haymitch, I'll have to start a campaign.

    She definitely looks like Katniss and I've heard Skins is amazing, so she should be able to act :)

    I've kind of been picturing Peeta as Finn from Glee. Not sure about Gale. But yes as long as there is no Milly Cyrus, we should be ok.

  6. I LOVE all the picks except for Peeta, but not cause he's too good looking (didn't she say in the first one that he was a big, strong, good looking guy?) I'm not sure who I'd pick instead, but that's just not how I pictured him. Really embarrassing story, but Ryan said that I started calling out Peeta's name in my sleep once. I tried to cover--I was hungry for pita chips?--but he still makes fun of me for it.

    When do we get to talk Mockingjay?? I'm dying to hear your thoughts. I have much to say :)

  7. OMG Gale and Haymitch are absolutely PERFECT. I don't know about Katniss, the actress looks a little young for how I've always imagined Katniss. As for Peeta...meh, I can kind of see it but I agree, I've never really seen him as that much of a pretty-boy.

    If Miley Cyrus gets cast, I'll cry. She's just...*shudders*