September 17, 2010

Friday Five

Wahoo! It's F-R-I-D-A-Y! Do you guys have any fun plans this weekend?

Here's a quick list—I love lists!—of what's going on in my life right now:

Number One

Oh my goodness! I am going on sub next week!

Eeeek! Major freak out!

Agent Jim finished my revised manuscript and he believes my little book is ready for submission! I'm super excited about this. And super nervous too. Like, super duper nervous. What if the editors scoff at my nerdy sci-fi novel? Ahhh!

Number Two

Justin and I are heading on our belated honeymoon tomorrow! Who cares if we've already been married for 3.5 years? St. Lucia here we come!

As for scuba diving, I'm still a little nervous... I can't wait to see the cool fish and turtles—I adore turtles!—but I'm scared that I'll hold my breath during an ascent, which will cause my lungs to explode. Okay, they won't really explode but there's a small chance that I could die. *Nervous laugh* But scuba diving is safe! Perfectly safe! Right? Right?!

Number Three

Holy cow, did anyone watch Project Runway last night? How funny was Tim Gunn?!

"Jackie O would not have camel toe."

Hahahaha. Both Justin and I burst out laughing, and I even had tears streaming down my cheeks.

Maybe I'm just immature because that word always makes me giggle...

Number Four

My ten-year high school reunion is coming up in a couple months. Man, I'm feeling OLD.

Number Five

I'm thinking about changing the look of my blog. I've had this template for over two years now and, while I really do love its aesthetic, I worry that a black background makes for harder reading. Hmm...what do y'all think? Is a white background much easier to read than a black one?

Hope you guys have a fabulous weekend! I probably won't be updating my blog very frequently until I get back from my trip on September 27th. See you guys then!


  1. Congratulations! Both for the submissions and the belated honeymoon.

    Sigh. I'm so behind on Project Runway. :(

  2. Aw, thanks, Meagan! And you should definitely catch up on Project Runway if you get the chance! Then we can talk about our favorite designers!

  3. Oh my gosh! Congrats on everything!! Honeymoon, submission - it's all so great *cue head exploding here in chicago* Best of luck Caroline, I can't wait to hear when you get your first offer. Don't forget, the Currie's want an autographed copy of your nerdy sci-fi novel:-)

  4. Oooh exciting! Congratulations!

    Have a wonderful honeymoon, you'll love scuba diving!

  5. Have a great Honeymoon! We did a belated one, too. Best decision, ever. Enjoy!

  6. I can't imagine what a great feeling that must be--to not only finish your manuscript but then to head off to paradise! Congratulations and have fun!

  7. Lindsay, thank you so much! Honestly, I'm trying not to get my hopes up about submissions due to the poor economy but I'm still kind of squee-ing inside. Haha.

    Alexa, I'm so glad you shared your scuba experiences with me on Wednesday! I'm less nervous now so I owe you a big thanks!

    Janet, yay for belated honeymoons! I think they're totaly the way to go. :o)

    Lisa, thank you!! And I'm unbelievable jealous that you guys went to Rome a few weeks ago! Mmm, did you go back to that yummy gelato place? Did you have flashbacks to our own Rome trip seven years ago?

  8. I want to hear all about the honeymoon. Pictures please! I've never been to St. Lucia. Fun! Congrats on the submission too.

  9. Congratulations from me too for going on sub and for the belated honeymoon.

    I am much to scared to scuba dive. Ever. I'm sure you'll be fine though. Enjoy! :)

    BTW, I completely missed this season of Project Runway. (wah!) I'll have to download some episodes. (I love all the DRAMA about FABRIC. TEARS even. So fun to watch. ;))

  10. You have worked so hard on that book! It's about time the rest of us get to read it! I will be first in line when it's published.

    And St. Lucia sounds awesome! Can't wait to see pictures!