September 29, 2010

St. Lucia!

Hellooooooo everybody!

Justin and I got back early yesterday morning--and I mean early. 3:30AM in fact! Our flight from St. Lucia to Atlanta went without a hitch but our flight from Atlanta to DC was delayed until 1:30AM. Suffice to say, I was tired and grumpy.

But St. Lucia was a blast! To recap:

10 fun days at the Coconut Bay Resort & Spa
20+ hours swimming and basking in the sun
4.5 books I read on the beach
54 meals consumed between the two of us
3 meals that made me sick (I have a weak stomach, I'm afraid)
2 new fruits that I had never eaten before: tamarind and breadfruit
1 cheeseburger consumed that cost a whopping $25
6 times we went scuba diving
100s of fish, sea anemones, lobsters, and eels we spotted
0 times I died while scuba diving (Wahoo!)
1 visit to St. Lucia's drive-in volcano
5 hummingbirds spotted at our resort
1.5 cricket matches we watched on TV (Still don't understand this game.)

Here are some pictures of our adventures:

Justin and me with the Pitons in the background (the two tallest peaks)

The lovely beach at our hotel

Chillin' with our driver, Big Red Yes, that's really his name.


I read a lot while I was there. Ah, perfect!

It was a fantastic vacation and I'd highly recommend St. Lucia to anyone who's thinking about visiting there!


  1. Looks WONDERFUL! I'm so glad you guys got to go. I want to hear more about scuba diving and the volcano.

    Also BOOO to 25 dollar burgers!

    Love you!

  2. Welcome back! Sounds like you had a blast.

    Sigh... love reading on vacation. Something about it is just different from reading in real life.

  3. Looks lovely. I"m glad scuba diving went well.

  4. Oooh - looks like you had such an awesome time! completely envious but happy for you!

    love that rainbow pic and LOL @ the guy being called big red!


  5. oh gorgeous photos! so happy you didn't die scuba diving--let's hear more about it!

  6. I love scuba diving. Are you certified? I forgot. Maybe you went with a guide. That's fun. It looks peaceful there. So happy you had a great honeymoon.

  7. Welcome back! It looks like it was heavenly:)

  8. Lex, scuba diving was a lot more fun than I ever imagined! After I got over the shock of being 40-feet underwater, I really loved looking at all of the fish and anemones. The volcano though... Ugh, so smelly! I probably should have passed on that one. Haha.

    Meagan, I just love reading while on vacation! You're absolutely right--it's different from reading when you're at home. Maybe because we're less distracted?

    Alexa, thanks for the comment! I can't believe I thought I was going to die while scuba diving! Haha.

    Nomes, Big Red was great! His real name was something like Lawrence but he told us that everyone calls him Big Red. Go figure!

    Lisa, you and Ryan should go diving if you're interested! It's actually a lot of fun!

    Adrienne, we got certified in St. Lucia actually! We did our confined water dive here in Maryland but we decided to do our open water dives down there. It was a blast! I didn't know that you have dived too!

    Lindsay, thanks! It was very heavenly and I wish I was back there already!