September 12, 2010

The Jim McCarthy Fan Club

On Wednesday night, I headed down to Chinatown (<— hey, that rhymes!) to meet with two of Jim's other clients. We all happen to live in the DC area and we thought it'd be really fun to have dinner together.

The night was a blast! There was copious amounts of oven-fired pizza, and there was ample time for great discussion. Jessica, Robin, and I talked about our books, our jobs, our critique process, and Mockingjay (of course!). We also spent a few minutes—okay, more than a few minutes—praising the wonders of our agent, Jim McCarthy. All of us feel incredibly lucky to have him on our side: he's laidback, he's encouraging, he's funny, and he wants to sell our books!

We are a fortunate, fortunate bunch.

I consider myself even luckier to have signed with Jim when I read through the Blueboards each morning. It seems like, every other day, I find a new thread with a title that reads, "Should I leave my agent?" or "Help! Agent never responds to my emails!" Yipes! I've seen so many writers wring their hands over an unenthusiastic agent or an unresponsive agent who takes weeks or months to respond.

And so, I really do feel like I dodged a bullet when it came to finding representation. Mr. Jim has always been super patient with me, even when I ask silly questions about the publishing world. Plus, the man replies to my emails with Superman speed! Oftentimes I get a reply from him within the hour. Sometimes within 30 minutes or less.

So...a big hug to you Jim! One day, I hope to make you a lot of money. :o)

PS Let's have dinner again soon, Jessica and Robin!


  1. Sounds like you have a great agent! And how fun to meet with his other clients and have a pizza fest. Yummm . . .

    Hopefully I can praise my agent someday (when I get one, of course!)

  2. Ooh, I'm a fan of his too. I'm hoping he'll be a fan of mine when I send him my query at the end of the week...I live in Baltimore so I could insert myself right into the group-lol.

  3. You know, a post like this is worth more than ten sites full of interviews and query tips, when it comes to deciding which agents to query. There are a dozen reasons why Mr. McCarthy's on the top of my query list, but this just makes me even more certain.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Robin Reed8:02 PM

    It was a fantastic evening! So glad we could all get together. I left that night feeling super-invigorated to go work on my new WIP -- nothing like talking to other authors in the same boat to make me feel like I'm really doing something worthwhile.

    Let's definitely all meet up again sometime soon! :)

  5. Yay! I had such a great time. We should definitely do it again soon! I sent Jim the pic and he said a) it's amazing how we all find each other and b) he only signs the best. ;) Good luck finishing up your revisions!

  6. I'm so glad you love your agent! That's wonderful! I love my agent, too.

    Mr. McCarthy truly does sound like a great person. I queried him with my first manuscript, and though he ultimately passed on representing me, he was so kind and so thoughtful in his rejection letter. He gave me some good pointers that helped me to whip my story into better shape before I submitted it to the agent who offered to represent me. And how fun that you got to meet some of his other writers!

    I have a few friends who are represented by other Dystel & Goderich agents, and they claim their agent is the best, too. Must be a fantastic agency!

    Best of luck in your revisions (and in finding health insurance)!

  7. Janet, thanks for the comment! I will keep my fingers crossed for your agent search!

    Karen, we'd LOVE to have you in the Jim McCarthy club! And you live in Baltimore? So cool!

    Megan, thanks for dropping by! I really do love Jim and I hope you query him!

    Robin and Jessica, I really did have such a fun time on Wednesday! We will definitely have to do it again soon. Maybe some time in early October?

    Kim, thanks for visiting my blog! And thanks for sharing your experiences with Jim--I think he is a class act. How are you liking working with your agent so far?

  8. Soooo fun! I'm glad you were able to connect with some of Jim's other clients:-)
    Oh and Caroline - I posted a pic of what my costume will be this year. I just know you will love it.