August 18, 2010

A lazy post since I am very tired

For some reason, I am exhausted tonight.


Justin says it's from the stress from our recent family emergency, which might be true. More than likely though, my tiredness stems from the crack-of-dawn hair appointment that I had this morning. Haha.

So here goes:

1.) Yeah, my hair... It's, um, not what I really wanted. It makes me look like a twelve-year-old. Or a perky soccer mom. (Is this combination even possible?) And even weirder, my hairdresser told me that my new 'do makes me look Korean. Huh? I did not understand her comment.

2.) After the disastrous hair-cutting, my family took our annual outing to the Montgomery County Fair. Wahoo! As always, we bypassed the rides and games and made a beeline toward the food aisles. Mmmm...turkey legs and funnel cakes and sugary sweet lemonade! Afterward, we spent over an hour strolling through the 4-H animal stalls and taking pictures of an enormous hairy rabbit named Muffin. What can I say...we're a quirky family!

3.) I'm heading to New York tomorrow--and it'll be Justin's first time in the city! Can you believe it? Interestingly enough, we probably won't spend too much time together. See, Justin's hanging out with some of his high school buddies so that means I'll be spending most of my time with my own high school BFF. (Did I just write "BFF"?!) Fortunately, my friend just got engaged so we're going wedding dress shopping! And we're going to gorge ourselves on cupcakes.

4.) Eek, I'm meeting my agent while I'm in New York! Eek! Eek! I'm so afraid I'm going to say something nerdy or snort when I laugh or spill soup all over his shirt. Eek! (Note to self: do NOT tell Jim about my obsession with "Star Trek: The Next Generation." Make it so!)

5.) To get ready for my big NYC trip, I have smeared depilatory cream over my upper lip to get rid of my facial unsightliness. (TMI, huh?) I'm so attractive right now! With my beautiful hair cut and my moustache cream, I think I might make it onto People Magazine's "50 Most Beautiful List"!

Yep, time to take some benadryl and go to sleep...



  1. I met Jim for coffee when I was in NY in May, and I was SO nervous, but it was great! He's really nice and funny and generally awesome. We geeked out about theatre and YA books together. Have fun!

  2. Jess, phew! Thanks so much for your comment! It puts me more at ease. :) I'll let you know how it goes! Hopefully, I won't spill any drinks or food on him. Haha.

  3. Ooh you get to meet your agent! I haven't found an excuse yet to go up to NYC and meet Ginger. Have fun! And I bet he loves star trek (who doesn't??)

  4. I love that she told you your haircut makes you look Korean. That is hilarious.

    Can we get a picture?

  5. LOL @ the depilatory cream. :-D

    Hey, how was the meeting with Jim? Got pics?

    The comment from the hairdresser was rude--and weird.