What I'll miss about the nursing home

Since I moved home six months ago, I've made a weekly pilgrimage to visit my grandma at her nursing home. Despite the distinct old person's smell that pervades the entire building, I've had some great memories at the Shady Grove residential facilities. Here's what I'll miss:

1.) Looking at my grandma's pureed food and guessing what they looked like while in solid form.
2.) Having the African nurses tell me I am very tall for an Asian.
3.) Listening to old Mrs. Li beckon to me in her broken English: "Hey, young lady! Please, come here. Young woman! Come, come."
4.) Trying to tune out the old lady who continually screams: "Get away from me! I hate you!"
5.) Giving my grandma a small white flower and watching in horror as she stuffs it into her mouth.
6.) Ignoring grouchy Mr. Jennings as he calls me a "stupid bitch" and tells me I should lose my job. (Huh?)

But here is what I'll miss most of all...

Walking into my grandmother's room and watching a smile spread over her thin crinkled lips.
Listening to her laugh as I do silly dances for her.
Having the nurses tell me that grandma is a wonderful resident and one of their favorites.
Holding grandma's hand as she sips her carton of orange juice.

I love you, Popo. May you rest in peace now.