Random Musings at Work

One of my co-workers just gave me her lunch of kung-pao chicken. Yummy. She discovered while she was warming it up that it has peanuts in it---and she can't eat peanuts because she's breast-feeding. I wonder why you can't eat peanuts when you breast feed? Maybe her baby is allergic. Maybe peanuts make breast milk taste bad. If I knew any babies, I would ask them.

I'm currently editing my third oral history this week. Thus far, I have edited over 300 pages of oral histories. I only have about 100 more pages to go! After this, I will re-type an edited oral history. And after that, I am sure I will tackle something that is related to oral histories. Ah. My life is grand. Haha.

In the Washington Post and in the NY Times last week, there were numerous stories about Pluto and whether or not it should be a planet. An international council of astronomers will vote on Pluto's planet-ness next week. My boss, who is an astronomer, is currently in Prague at this conference and will cast a vote. I think every human being should vote on this topic because, after all, it is our solar system too!

I've decided to write a novel. I've always wanted to write a book---it's been a lifelong goal since I was a kid. I'm pretty good at starting novels, but awful at finishing them. I have maybe three in the works, but they're all in the beginning stages. So, I'm going to try to force myself to write a lot in the next few months. Wish me luck.

Well, after eating all of that kung-pao chicken, I am quite thirsty. I'll be back later.