A Few Reasons Why I Haven't Posted for Awhile

I apologize for the long delay in writing. It's not that I don't want to update my blog, but certain events have prevented me from posting in the past few days.

1.) Illness --- I'm sick. Right now, I just have a bit of a head cold and a cough. But on Sunday, I felt like I had malaria or something. I was cold, then really hot, then cold, then really hot. My little sister was gracious enough to plug in a fan by my head. Thank you, Kristy. I really did try to mumble a thanks to you, but I was kind of loopy on Nyquil. The next time you're sick, I will be nice to you.

2.) Busy-ness --- That's right. I'm actually busy at work! My boss gave me over 350 pages of oral histories to edit. I'm kind of grateful for this assignment. I've been bored for the past few weeks so this is a welcome change of pace. Unfortunately, listening and editing oral histories definitely cuts down on my blogging time. Alas!

3.) Laziness --- I really could write a few more blog entries a week, but sometimes I find the task daunting. I always spend way too much time on my blogs so the entire endeavor is kind of time-consuming. Egads! I am lazy. I apologize.

4.) Thinking-ness --- There has been a lot on my mind lately. Rather than write about it, I just ruminate over it in my mind. Subsequently, my brain is a disheveled mess. I'm in the process of cleaning it out.

I promise to post a real entry soon! I already have two in the drafting process...we'll see if they can make the final cut.