LB 4Ever

Shame of all shames: I am addicted to Laguna Beach.

I tried to resist. I really did. But I got sucked in and now I can't wait for another episode to air.

Why do I love you, LB? I don't miss being in high school. I didn't even like high school all that much. I mean, it was OK, but I was really ready to graduate when the time came.

And it's not like the LB cast is full of lovable and heart-warming characters. Rather, it's filled with mean girls and stupid boys who fret about clothes, cars, and hooking up.

My sister, who is 14 and thus in the age demographic for the show, even thinks the show is dumb.

"This season is going to be stupid," Kristy says.

"But we're going to watch it, right?" I ask.


So why do I love Laguna Beach? I don't know. I'm just another victim of MTV culture.