Wanted: Friends for Caroline

Now that I have moved back to DC, it is time to make some new friends. Of course, my old friends who are still here are awesome and the coolest (ie Amanda), but I would like to expand my circle. (A circle that as of now consists of me, Amanda, my sister, and a few roomies.)

I like friends who:
1.) like to talk about politics, religion, literature, and art.
2.) like to discuss controversial topics like abortion, affirmative action, gun control, and Toby Keith.
3.) like to go out to eat.
4.) think I'm funny. (Hehe.)
5.) ask me how my day was.
6.) lean to the left.
7.) like to travel and who want to pay for my airfare to New Zealand.
8.) are open-minded. (Allison is a great example of this.)
9.) have cute guy friends who are not sweet dudes.
10.) accept my weirdness. In fact, they embrace it.

These people need not apply:
1.) People who can only talk about dating and marriage.
2.) People who are narrow-minded ninnies and think they're right about everything.
3.) People who take up all the conversation and drone on and on about their life, their views, their opinions.
4.) People who like Toby Keith.
5.) Canadians.

All right, Janice, you can still be my friend even if you live in Alberta. :o)

Well, that is all I have to say. I think this is my fifth post for the day and that is far too many entries! But I do love writing and I do love blogs. And most likely nobody is reading this, so I'm basically just talking to myself! Which may be a sign of schizophrenia, but oh well, I like schizophrenics. They're my favorite kind of peeps.