High Heels and Hot Chocolate

The world is a bigger place when you wear high heels. This is not necessarily because you feel empowered by wearing sexy stilettos, but because your feet hurt like hell. Distances seem longer, staircases are endless, and uneven sidewalks become treacherous territory.

Today, I'm wearing my new BCBGirls black & white pumps. They are adorable and only cost $30 at a sale at Hecht's. (I saved sixty dollars!) My new shoes make me look and feel cute, but they come at a high price.

I don't know whether to embrace or smack the inventor of high heels. Undoubtedly, he must have been a man with an awe-inspiring sense of fashion, but also with a streak of sadism. Did he enjoy the whimpers of rail-thin models as they tramped down the runway in four-inch stilettos? Or did he merely whisper in a French accent, "I am a genius! This shoe will change de world!"

And indeed it has. The stiletto is both delicate and sexy, feminine and powerful. It's something you can't live without, but then again it's something you can't wear everyday--unless you want your feet to whither away like a dead leaf.

And although my feet hurt and although I've decided to hold in my pee rather than walk thirty paces to the bathroom, I will undoubtedly wear my BCBG's over and over again.

On another note, it is raining outside today and I am sans umbrella. I forgot to bring one to my new apartment and so I'm using my coat as a make-shift poncho. I don't mind the rain though because I'm inside and sipping hot chocolate. This is my morning ritual--get to work, check email, make hot chocolate. It is sweet, creamy, and warms my belly. Delicious!