June 6, 2014

Friday Five

The picture above is one of my favorite photos of the Baby Overlord. *Sniffle* It melts my face to watch her smile whenever she sees Justin, how she'll giggle and talk and grab at his beard. Now, please excuse me for a moment while I turn into a puddle of goo.

Alas, one of these days I'll start using my DSLR again but until that fated day my iPhone will have to do. Speaking of iPhones, I finally upgraded to a 5S! *Pets new phone* *My preciousssss* Funny story: when I brought my old one to the AT&T store, the guy behind the counter balked and actually said, "What kind of phone is that?" Um, an iPhone 4? Haha. I didn't think those were that old ...

Switching gears, who has been watching this season of Game of Thrones? *Raises hand* And who now has a crush on Pedro Pascal AKA Oberyn Martell? *Raises all the hands* I mean, how can you not love him? Look at this picture of him with a baby!

On a completely random note, if you happen to head to your farmer's market this weekend, keep an eye out for gold rush apples! They're not the prettiest of apples but they sure are tasty—sweet with that nice bite of tartness. And deliciously crisp! Justin and I are sort of obsessed with them.

On the writing front, I'm trying really hard to draft my new project, a WWII spy thriller. *Cue whiny voice* But why is rough drafting so hard? Wahhhhh! Call me crazy, but I absolutely love the revision process. At least I have something to work with! A blank page on the other hand? Shudders.

Well, I'm signing off to work on my draft! Shudders again. What are you guys up to this weekend? 


  1. Oh, that pic of you and Baby Overlord is the sweetest thing ever! So is the daddy one, but my fav is the one of you two. So adorable how she's smiling and leaning into your shoulder. And totally feel you on first drafts, they stink. =/

    1. Aw, thanks so much, Leandra! I'm trying to take more pictures of the baby and me since most of the time I just snap them with her. I need to proof to show her one day that I was actually young(ish)! Haha.

  2. Precious! I have four and am done, but these picks are giving me baby fever! Good luck with drafting!

    1. Thanks so much, Prerna!

      The crazy thing about babies is how they're so exhausting and (at times) frustrating, and yet I find myself thinking, "I want another one!" Haha. And that has surprised me a ton because I was so anxious leading up to the baby's arrival but now I'm already mourning that she's no longer a newborn. Hormones! They do funny things to our brains. Haha.

      Hope you're doing well!