Surviving Pregnancy!

Pregnancy Survival Kit

Alas, my due date has come and gone with no sign of the baby! I believe Le Bebe may have inherited my proclivity for procrastination. And I had such high hopes that she would be a punctual little thing! 

I have a feeling she will have many surprises for me. :) 

Well, now that my pregnancy will (hopefully) soon be over, I thought I'd brush off my Polyvore account to bring all of you future mamas out there ... Caroline's Pregnancy Survival Kit! Basically, my pregnancy would've been much more grumpy-making without these items, and I've pretty much clung to them for the last eight-ish months. And I'll probably keep clinging to them long after Le Bebe is born because I am, if nothing else, a creature of habit. 

1. A Pregnancy Pillow
ZOMG, life changer! Late into my second trimester, it got a lot harder for me to fall asleep with my ever-increasing belly. Thanks, baby. Fortunately, my saint of a husband bought me a pregnancy pillow that I now can't sleep without. It's like the embodiment of a hug, in pillow form. It is the perfect cuddle buddy. In short, I want to be buried with it. I own the Snoogle (haha! so fun to say!) but there are a lot of options out there. Wonderful, blessed, heavenly options. 

2. Gap Maternity Leggings
My best friend told me to buy a pair of these, and once I put them on I realized why she is indeed my best friend. Gap Maternity Leggings = The Best. Basically, you will never take them off, especially when you reach the third trimester and your fashion sense gets thrown to the curb in favor of All Things Comfortable. I'm not ashamed to admit that I've lived in my leggings for the last three months—I wear them out, I wear them to bed, I shower in them ... No wait. Not that last part. But aside from showering, it's a sure bet that I have these on! 

3. Statement Jewelry
Okay, okay, this isn't a survival necessity but it sure is pretty! And when you're waddling around like a bull walrus, it's nice to feel pretty again. Anyway, as mentioned above, I reached a point in my pregnancy where I just wore leggings + long comfy sweaters all day (because, hello awesomeness!). But when I needed to venture out of the house, I wanted to feel a wee less polar bear-ish so I'd throw on a statement necklace to remind myself that yes, I am a girl, and yes, I used to care about what I looked like. Be sure to check out J. Crew Factory for pretty yet affordable pieces! 

4. Almond Oil
I'm not really sure if there is any surefire way to fend off stretch marks (I think it's more of a genetics thing and how-big-does-your-belly-get thing) but I slathered on a handful of almond oil before bed each night anyway. I'm mostly stretch-mark free, and my tummy is very soft! I use the NOW brand, and it has lasted for months. 

5. Super Comfy Shoes (or Socks!)
Mmm, comfy-ness. Enough said. 

6. Nursing Tanks
Maternity clothing is expensive, yo. So whenever possible, try to stretch out your dollar by opting for nursing clothes—they're roomy, stretchy, and pull double duty! There is a great variety at Destination Maternity and less so at Target (Target tends to be more affordable but be sure to try on the tanks! Some of them have weird sizing). 

There you have it! Go forth and enjoy your future pregnancy! 

So what are your plans for the weekend? Watching the Olympics? As for me, I plan on going sky-diving, riding on roller coasters, eating questionable sushi ... you know, usual pregnancy stuff. Haha, not really. I'll just be twiddling my thumbs, inhaling chocolate, and waiting for this darn baby to arrive.