October 5, 2012

Friday Five

Ah, the weekend! 

I don't have very much planned for the next three days, aside from spending time with Justin who has two weeks off before he's off traveling again. Maybe we'll catch a movie? We watched Looper last week, and I really liked it. The film was a lot more sci-fi than I thought it'd be, which is just fine with me. And it had plenty of Joseph Gordon-Levitt too, which is also quite fine. :) 

It has been a little while since I've posted so here are a few catching-up pictures! 

{My sister and me outside of an old church in Georgetown.}
{I'm trying to re-create a Mondrian piece for my painting class.}
{The lovely Italian Fountain at Longwood Garden.}
{Pretty flowers at Longwood Garden.}
{One of the best books I've read in 2012! Whew, what a read!}

What about you? What are you up to this fine autumnal weekend? Are you reading anything you'd recommend? 


  1. Your outfit is so cute! So between you and your sister, are you the girly one? :)

    Love all the pictures. I also saw Looper last weekend and it was great! I don't really have book recs since I'm desperately behind (though I am enjoying Tiger Lily, a more realistic retelling of Peter Pan), but I do have movie recs. I also saw Perks of Being a Wallflower, which was excellent, and Pitch Perfect which was SO fun! If you like a capella and Bring It On, I think you'll like this.

  2. I'm dying to see Looper, which if funny since I'm never this excited to see a Bruce Willis movie. But JGL makes it worthwhile.

  3. Everyone is on Gone Girl, I need to read this asap!

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  5. I've been outlining this weekend. And playing video games. And walking my pup. Quite lovely. :) But now I want to go see Looper.

  6. I just finished Gone Girl and really liked it! It's a really interesting way to tell a story!

  7. I loved Gone Girl too. The whole time I was reading it I thought the author was a man. Wow, she really got that voice down!
    p.s. Did I tell you that one of my paintings was in Looper? You can hardly see it, but it's behind Bruce Willis's head in one of the scenes with his wife.