Baby Shower!

{Confetti balloons.}

Eep, I've been a bad blogger once again! B-b-but I have a good excuse! 

On Saturday, I co-hosted a baby shower for my best friend Amanda, who I've known since we were wee little eleven-year-olds in the seventh grade. Ah, how time has flown! And now we're both OLD. :)

All in all, I think the baby shower was a success! Much fun was had, much food was consumed, and many onesies were created. Also, confetti balloons! Thank you, Pinterest, for awesome ideas! 

{Amanda and her aunt Mary.}
{Make-your-own onesies.}
{Amanda's husband made a tiger-striped onesie. Awesome.}
{My onesie!}
{Amanda and her cousin Michelle.}
After the shower ended, I promptly went to bed. At eight o'clock at night. Whoo-ee, making those onesies can really tire a girl out!

Anyway, Justin and I are off to North Carolina for a few days, just in time to escape Frankenstorm! Hopefully, we'll have power when we get back on Thursday. If not...can I come crash at your house?

Happy early Halloween!

Also, remember to vote in a couple weeks!