Weekend Wrap-Up

One of the reasons why I love Washington, D.C.?

The diversity of the area.

If I drive 40 minutes southeast from my house, I end up in the heart of the city, with concrete beneath my feet and with taxis zooming around me. 

But if I drive 40 minutes northwest, I edge into an America of yesteryear. Open views, sprawling farms, and nifty vintage pickup trucks. Also, cows. Lots of cows. 

On Saturday, my little sister and I headed to Dickerson, Maryland---a forty-five minute drive---for the sole purpose of...buying peaches. Yes! We love peaches! And the peaches have ripened early this summer. This is Very Exciting News in our fruit-loving family. 

We are Very Exciting People. Don't be jealous. :)

{What am I doing in this picture? I have no idea.}
{Farmstand tomatoes}

ALAS, I do not have any pictures of the peaches. Why? Because peaches are very camera-shy! They're self-conscious little fruit! (Or maybe I forgot to take the pics... Fail.) 

In other weekend news, I baked two loaves of banana bread. Rather, I made banana cake. 'Cause I don't think my banana bread can technically qualify as bread. It's sugary, butter-filled, and crammed with lots of chocolate chips. In other words, it's a very healthy snack! I promise! (All lies.) 

{Proper dieting food}

And in other, other news, I am very lucky to have very nice friends who loan me very awesome ARCs! My TBR currently includes these titles:

{Crewel, Origin, and Falling Kingdoms}
Eep! I'm reading CREWEL right now and I'm really enjoying the world-building thus far---it's unlike anything I've encountered in young adult fiction. I'm also excited to dig into ORIGIN and FALLING KINGDOMS, especially the latter because it has been compared to Game of Thrones. I just finished A Storm of Swords, the third book in the George R.R. Martin series, and it was utterly fantastic.

A big thank you to Jessica Spotswood and Jessica Sheehan for kindly loaning me these ARCs!

How are you doing? How was your weekend?