{San Jeronimo Cathedral in Madrid}

I'm back from Spain! 


Actually, never mind. Not yay. Boo! Boooo! 

I want to go back RIGHT NOW! 

Well, it was quite the whirlwind trip from Barcelona to Madrid and then back home again. I still can't believe that the trip is over (wahhh!) but I'm already plotting ways to return to Espana to devour more tapas and drink more Fanta and explore old churches that I shall drag Justin to see. 

Speaking of Justin, it was simply wonderful to spend a whole week with him! Originally, we had planned to meet at our hotel since his flight arrived hours before mine. But lo and behold, when I lugged myself toward the baggage claim, I found Justin waiting for me with a big smile on his face. He stayed for me! Instead of going to the hotel to take a nap!

Aw, now that is love. He earns mega spousal points for that, eh? 

Onto the photographs!

So we started our trip in Barcelona where we stayed for four and a half days. Cumulatively, we probably spent one day sightseeing, one day hiking, one day eating patatas bravas (NOM!), and a day and a half taking naps and sleeping. 

Mmm, siestas.... The Spaniards have got that right. 

{Lovely windows next to our hotel}
{Sagrada Familia at left; Correos Post Office Building at right}
{Sagrada Familia AKA Crazy Lookin' Cathedral}
{Ceiling of the Sagrada Familia}

As you can tell, I was quite taken with the Sagrada Familia! I nearly skipped out on going inside since the line was quite long but I'm so glad we shelled out 24 euros to wander around this mind-bending modern-gothic cathedral. I've never seen anything quite like it! 

*Salutes to Gaudi* 

However, my most favoritest (<--- totally a word) part of our trip was taking a day-trip to Rupit, a tiny medieval village in northern Catalunya. The day kicked off with a short tour of Rupit, followed by a three-hour hike up the mountains---I'm so very out of shape, ughhhh---and then finished by a big meal where I ate more pan con tamate* than humanly possible. 

Me like bread! Me eat lots! 

{A Catalan breakfast = breads, cheese, and sausage. I approve.}
{Mountains in Catalunya}
{Overlooking the city of Rupit. Please disregard ugly hair.}
{I climbed to this place! Huffing and puffing!}

{A pretty door in Rupit}

Le sigh. Barcelona!

It might have become my favorite city in Europe, which says a lot since London occupies such a soft spot in my traveling heart. London vs. Barcelona? How could I even choose? It's like trying to pick between cake or pie. Or baby sloths or baby penguins. Or sausage and cheese!

Impossible, I tell you.

Anyway, stay tuned for tomorrow for photographs of Madrid! If you're sick of my photos, too bad! :)


* Pan con tamate is a delightful dish that consists of crusty bread rubbed with garlic and then smothered with fresh tomato juice. In other words, it is the DEVIL'S TEMPTATION.