January 22, 2012

Sunday Six

After five weeks in Seattle, Justin and I finally arrived in DC yesterday morning. It's so good to be home. It's so very nice to sleep in our own bed, to curl up on our couch, to be surrounded by my much-missed books. 

But it's also bittersweet. Only five weeks ago, we were packing our bags, getting ready for our trip to the Keys, chatting about the beach and the sun. And now, well, everything has changed. Everything feels a bit strange. A bit off. I wish we didn't have to adjust to this new sense of normal but it's something we have to do. 

On a lighter note, I'm so grateful that I could spend time with my niece, Rowan. She's three right now and being three comes with so much wonderful-ness: the little girl giggles, the pouty stubborn lips, and especially the sheer joy over the small things. Like stickers. Or candy. Or snow. Good Lord, she'd open her eyes so wide whenever she talked about snow! It was like twenty-dollar bills were falling from the sky.

Gosh, I want to be three again! 

Once Rowan discovered that I had a camera on my laptop, all was lost. She especially liked making funny faces. A few of our masterpieces:

On another lighter note, Justin got me a Kindle Fire as a belated Christmas present! Aside from a few kinks, I'm loving it so far, which surprises me because I was very much anti-ereader for years. (Paper books forever!) So I suppose I have ventured to the dark side... (Full review to come.)

So. Some bad news. Justin is leaving for Afghanistan again, this time for six months. *Insert super sad face* But some good news? We'll get to do some traveling for his R&Rs! Right now, I'm a little enamored with Croatia, mostly because I want to visit this place:

Courtesy of Jack Brauer

Well, I feel completely out of the loop in terms of blogging! What's going on with you guys? What's new? What are your reading? How's life?


  1. That photo looks like something out of LOTR. And it's in Croatia? Who knew??
    I, too, have crossed over to the dark side and got a Kindle for Christmas. I love it. Mostly bc now I don't have to go to the library when I run out of books.

  2. Croatia is on my list, but I've never seen anything like that gorgeous picture. Wow!

    Enjoy planning your R&R trips!

  3. That waterfall picture looks like something out of a fantasy novel. Gorgeous!! Also: your niece is adorable :)

    Nothing too new to report: lots of writing, lots of reading, lots of blogging. You know, the norm ;)

  4. oh goodness, that waterfall is amazing! Six months?? That's so rough. I'm impressed with how you guys do it. And, even more impressed with the impromptu face-making skills you seem to have developed with your niece:)

  5. Welcome back Caroline! Glad you're enjoying your Kindle. I suggest you download Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor, as well as making you stay up till 2am reading it'll make you want to go to Prague as well as Croatia :D

    I was thinking of you (and Emily) the other day as I made cupcakes- not quite up to Georgetown Cupcake standard, but good!

  6. That waterfall! I do hope you'll be able to go there (and do take tonnes of pics if you do!). And I'm sorry about your husband's departure; hopefully the 6 months will pass by quickly.

  7. I love that Justin got in on the funny face action! The pictures of you and Rowan are too cute!
    I too am sad about Justin's upcoming trip. Happy that you're focusing on the silver lining though! Every two months you'll get to see one another and spend quality time together in some amazing city. You're always welcome here while you're not jet setting!