November 15, 2011

Let's Breakdown the Hunger Games Trailer!

So The Hunger Games trailer is now out! If you missed it (or if you want to watch it again), here it is in all its glory:

Um, yeah. I may have watched that trailer a dozen times yesterday. Maybe more. I'm kind of obsessed with the books, okay? Stop looking at me like that!

I know you're probably shaking your head and thinking, "Caroline, get help! Please!" but I think my obsession with the Hunger Games is totally awesome. Indeed, I'm such a super fan that I'm going to break down the trailer! Ready?

Our first look at the Seam! When I read the books, I imagined a grittier setting--dirty skies, houses squeezed together, layers of coal dust on the road--but the movie version has taken a frontier-like tone. I like it though!

Can I tell you guys a secret? I was totally Team Gale when I read the HG trilogy the first time through. It wasn't until I reread The Hunger Games that my heart softened toward Peeta. (You're not a weakling, Peeta! You're just so nice!) But I still have a soft spot for Gale.

I really loved the juxtaposition in this scene. All of the citizens in District 12 wear solemn blues, blacks, and creams while Effie sticks out in a bright magenta suit. Visually, this offers a stark comparison between the bourgeois Capitol and the poor rundown Districts. PS, I loved finally hearing the Capitol accent!

Who cried during the Reaping scene in the trailer? Be honest! *Raises hand* I literally had tears running down my cheeks. Bravo, Gary Ross, for casting Jennifer Lawrence in this role. Her reaction, her scream ("I volunteer!") was heart-wrenching. 

The Capitol! Entertainment Weekly described the city as having a "Blade Runner" look and I have to agree. Very dark and sleek. I was expecting more of a circus-like setting from the way Suzanne Collins had described the city but I like the darker tone for the movie. 

Rue!!! Do you hear that sound? It's my heart tearing in half. 

Our first glimpse of Caesar Flickerman, the interviewer for the Hunger Games! Admittedly, I was a little disappointed with Caesar's toned-down digs. I love how Katniss described him in the book (powdered white face, blue eyeshadow and lips, a suit with "a thousand tiny electric bulbs") but it seems like the movie has pared down the garishness. That's okay though! I'm just glad Stanley Tucci got the role.

President Snow. Boo! Hiss! This might sound awful but when I first heard that Donald Sutherland got cast in this role I thought, "I hope he doesn't die before they finish filming the trilogy!" Eep, sorry, Donald! But another great casting choice by Gary Ross. And I'm sure Donald is in the best of health. :)

I'm not exactly sold on this Renaissance 'do and I still kind of wish that this role had gone to Hugh Laurie but Woody Harrelson is a fantastic actor. Zombieland, anyone? I have faith that he'll rock Haymitch. Don't disappoint me, Woody!

The Hunger Games begin! I'm glad we had this tiny glimpse of Thresh. He doesn't play a huge part in the book but he had such a commanding presence in every scene he was in.


Must I wait until March to watch this movie?!

So what did you guys think of the trailer? Have you watched it a gazillion times like I have? What are you most excited about? Did anything disappoint you?

And, finally, do I need to sign up for Hunger Games Addiction Anonymous? I think I might have to...


  1. If you find a HGAA, take me with you! I have an addiction, too.

    I loved everything about this trailer. Everything. Can't wait for March!

  2. I LOVE THIS POST! I've watched the trailer at least two dozen times already lol.

  3. Loved the trailer. Love this post!

  4. Yeah... not a fan of Haymitch's do either, but that's my ONLY gripe with the entire trailer. Loved it beginning to end! And the reaping... shredded my heart to pieces!

  5. I loved this post--you make me feel totally normal! Why oh why can't I stop watching this trailer?? It looks so so good. And the music for the trailer was perfect! Isnt danny elfman doing the score? Love him too. Sigh. March is way way too far away. (totally agree on the haymitch hair--what the? But I love woody and he can play a drunk man like no other)

  6. Caroline, you are not alone: we've already dissected the trailer at home many, many times. But I loved this breakdown with the stills and all.

    I like how they depicted Seneca Crane - he was just so Capitol.

  7. Oh god. I literally can. not. wait.