October 3, 2011

Writing on the Road

Hey guys! 

I'm spending a few days in North Carolina this week, tagging along with Justin while he's on a business trip. I have my trusty laptop, my drug of choice (Dr. Pepper), and my ever-comfy writing outfit to keep me company. Sweatshirt + Leggings = Awesomeness! 

No make up, yo! Oh, my sweatshirt says "Maryland." Go Terps!
My writing plans for this trip include: 

1. Re-writing the last ten pages of my manuscript. (They still need to be switched over from first person to third.)
2. Tackling my ever-expanding novel to-do list (fleshing out scenes, adding some back-story, etc.).
3. Try not to drink too much Dr. Pepper/hot chocolate/bottle of vodka to get through this revision.

Once my fingertips revolt from too much typing, I shall tackle my reading plans for this trip:  

Yep! I bought a copy right before we left. I'm seriously excited to read this novel (so much hype!), but I must be good and finish my revisions first.

*Flips open The Night Circus instead*

Damn it.

Hope you guys had a fabulous weekend! Justin and I watched 50/50, which was really fantastic. It made me laugh out loud and cry twice. Highly, highly recommended!


  1. Good luck with those writing plans! Good books always get the best of me, too. :)

  2. Enjoy your trip and good luck with those pesky revisions.

  3. I love writing on the road. I also love reading outloud to my travel companions :-D captive audience.

  4. Oh, I've heard about that book. *mental note to google erin morgenstern* Good luck with your WIP but don't judge yourself if you can't resist the pull of a new book. It's research!! :)