October 6, 2011

Need a Thursday pick-me-up?

I promise a real post will be coming soon but I just had to share these hilarious photos I found online, via the Huffington Post.

In a nutshell, photograph Rion Sabean decided to snap pictures of "manly men" in traditional pin-up poses. You've seen the poses: buxom ladies sticking out their behinds, sticking out their perky chests, one finger dangling over lipsticked lips. The results are hilarious!

Don't these pictures just make you snort? And make you realize how silly pin-up poses are?! What's your favorite? Mine has to be the upper left photo---sexy lumberjack! Check out his gams!

If you want to keep snorting with me, be sure to find more pictures here. Happy Thursday!


  1. So silly! Thanks for sharing, Caroline! And yes, the (sexy?) lumberjack is definitely my favorite too. Perhaps women should start getting images like these tattooed all over their bodies like men do. :)

  2. Oh lord, that's hilarious! Never imagined pin-up poses could be twisted this way. :P

  3. That's awesome xD Those pin-up poses are rather hilarious!

  4. Those are great - really made me chuckle!