Scary Earthquakes and Other Random Things

Holy Toledo, there was an earthquake in DC yesterday! 

My friend Lynn and I were at the mall when it happened. We were standing outside of Panera, chattering away about books and writing, and then the walls started trembling. The ceiling too. Everybody froze. 

It was over in about ten seconds, but Lynn and I just stood there, mouths gaping open. Was that an earthquake? Then, all hell broke loose. A huge swarm of people---about a hundred or so---sprinted down the wide hallway and out the front doors. It was like a scene out of a disaster movie. The words "Don't panic!" had been tossed aside from everyone's vocabulary. 

Well, whaddaya expect? We're a bunch of East Coasters who have no freaking clue about what to do in an earthquake! I mean, we handle tornadoes and hurricanes every year but we turn into panicky lemurs at the rumble of a quake. We haven't been prepared for these situations! Do we stand underneath a doorway? Hide in the bathtub? Curl up into a ball and cry for mommy? 

I think that latter option sounds best, don't you? :)

- - - - - - - - - -

In other news, I have Revision Brain, which is a condition where my brain volleys between extreme excitement over my edits and extreme despair over my abilities as a writer. I'm an emotional yo-yo!

Whenever I hit a down peak, I busy myself with learning how to use a Photoshop-like program called Pixlr. (It's free!) Yesterday, I thought it'd be fun to take some of my favorite writing quotes and make them into art pieces that I could use in my future office. Which probably won't be for a long while. *Sigh* But it's fun to dream!

Right now, I'm totally feeling Nathaniel Hawthorne's quote. "Easy reading is damn hard writing." How true! Hopefully, after I finish these revisions, my book will be easy to read. I can only hope!