August 26, 2011

I Believe I Have the Most Fabulous Husband in the World

In the past six months, my little netbook has transformed into a snarling, hissing device. 

It freezes a lot. 
Its power cord poops out. 
It erases my revisions like it's eating candy. 

What has my netbook become?! 

I've made do so far because 1.) I'm cheap and 2.) I figured I'd reward myself with a new laptop if I got a book deal. And so, I've made sure to save my documents and back up my files and take things in stride when my computer locks up multiple times a day. 

But last night, ARGH! Around one in the morning, I had finally finished revising a frustration-inducing chapter that had gobbled up most of my evening. I was feeling pretty good but then...but then...the netbook crashed! It ate my precious revisions! Noooooo! 

Since Justin was online at the time, I peppered him with a slew of frustrated/angry/cry-faced messages, along the lines of: "My stupid netbook! *Grumble* *Grumble* I haaaaates it!" Being the supportive husband that he is, Justin shook his head and told me he was sorry. Fifteen minutes later, he asked me if I like surprises because he had bought me... 

*Cue freaking out*

*Cue clappy hands*

*Cue Ron and Draco dancing*

Thanks so much, honey! I totally don't deserve this (like at all) but I'm so excited! And I feel so lucky to have the most thoughtful husband in the world!


  1. Please help me for Christ sake

  2. Yayyyy! Prediction: You are going to love your new computer. I'm even willing to put a guarantee on that ;)

  3. Wow! That's such a great present, really thoughtful. I'm so jealous! :)

  4. Yay! That's the best present ever.

    I <3 mine. I thought I'd still use the netbook occasionally but I don't. The Macbook Air is SO MUCH BETTER, and it's totally portable.

  5. AH!!! I just got one last month and I <3 <3 <3 it so much!!! Squee for you and for the Macbook Air that is sure to be the love of your life (sorry to your hubby ) LOL!!!

  6. Ooo! Congrats on both the awesome husband and the sweet Macbook Air!

    Though, you have me concerned for my Netbook...

    How long did you have yours before it started crashing?

  7. Thanks guys so much!!! I'm so so excited and I might be waiting by the door all Monday, keeping an eye out for the FedEx guy!

    Monica, I bought my netbook (Asus Triple E) around Christmas 2009. I wouldn't worry about yours though! I think I may have gotten a dud--it has had issues with locking up for a long time and I've read reviews where people don't have the same problem that I do. I'm sure your netbook will work just fine!

  8. yay finally!! Justin is the best!!

  9. Yay, congratulations! That's such an awesome surprise, and your husband is truly fabulous.

  10. Aww, what a great hubby! He clearly supports and adores you. :)

    Enjoy the new Mac!

  11. WooHoo!!! Huge congrats!

  12. Yay! A Macbook, Mac's are the best!

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