I Believe I Have the Most Fabulous Husband in the World

In the past six months, my little netbook has transformed into a snarling, hissing device. 

It freezes a lot. 
Its power cord poops out. 
It erases my revisions like it's eating candy. 

What has my netbook become?! 

I've made do so far because 1.) I'm cheap and 2.) I figured I'd reward myself with a new laptop if I got a book deal. And so, I've made sure to save my documents and back up my files and take things in stride when my computer locks up multiple times a day. 

But last night, ARGH! Around one in the morning, I had finally finished revising a frustration-inducing chapter that had gobbled up most of my evening. I was feeling pretty good but then...but then...the netbook crashed! It ate my precious revisions! Noooooo! 

Since Justin was online at the time, I peppered him with a slew of frustrated/angry/cry-faced messages, along the lines of: "My stupid netbook! *Grumble* *Grumble* I haaaaates it!" Being the supportive husband that he is, Justin shook his head and told me he was sorry. Fifteen minutes later, he asked me if I like surprises because he had bought me... 

*Cue freaking out*

*Cue clappy hands*

*Cue Ron and Draco dancing*

Thanks so much, honey! I totally don't deserve this (like at all) but I'm so excited! And I feel so lucky to have the most thoughtful husband in the world!