April 18, 2011

Weekend Wrapup

1.) There was a tornado warning in my county over the weekend! Yipes! Ever since I was a little girl (and ever since I watched that movie "Twister"), I have been absolutely terrified of tornadoes. Fortunately, we were only hit with some rain and wind. No scary wind funnels in sight!

2.) Oh, have I mentioned that I finished the rough draft of my YA alternate history? Yay! I spent the whole weekend holed up on my couch, editing and re-writing and tearing apart my little baby. Fingers crossed that I can send my beta readers the manuscript by mid-May and that I can pass it along to Agent Jim by the start of June! (Hmm, we'll see if I can make these deadlines...)

3.) Justin and I are celebrating our fourth wedding anniversary this Wednesday! Crazy, huh? I can't believe that four years ago, we were doing this:

Since Justin is in Indiana until the end of the month on a business trip, I'm flying up to see him this weekend so we can celebrate. One thing I plan on dragging him to this weekend: the Benjamin Harrison Historical Home!

4.) Who is Benjamin Harrison, you say? He was the 23rd President of the United States who hailed from Indianapolis. Justin's parents used to live in Indianapolis and whenever we visited them we'd often pass the signs for the Benjamin Harrison Home. I'm a huge history geek--and I studied various historical homes in college--so I've been nudging Justin to take me here for, oh, three years. And now we finally get to go! History nerds rejoice!

5.) Did anyone watch the premiere of Game Of Thrones last night? It was really good! (Although the incest kind of weirded me out.) The setting was absolutely gorgeous and the plot bodes well for a lot intrigue and betrayal. I'm super excited to watch this series unfold.

But, oh my, the boobs! Seriously, HBO loves naked boobies and I probably saw at least a dozen pairs of breasts last night. To be honest, this kind of irks me. Like, why are all of the women getting naked but the men are fully clothed? I'm an equal opportunity nudist!

6.) I forgot to mention that my friend Erin Bowman recently landed an amazing book deal! Her YA dystopian sold in a three-book deal to HarperTeen! Harper freaking Teen! I couldn't think of a nicer, friendlier, kinder person to receive such good news! 


  1. Hey CAroline! I watched Game of Thrones last night too, but I watched with Hubby who has read all of the books and loves them like crazy. So, he was filled with a little too much info as I tried to process who everyone was. And yes, there were a LOT of boobs. I did know the incest stuff was coming, but it was still unsettling seeing it.

  2. Aw, that picture of you and Justin is so cute!

    I sadly do not get HBO, so I will just have to try not to listen to everyone talking about Game of Thrones. Or maybe I should just break down and get HBO? No. Must not give in ....

  3. Your wedding photo is so cute! I love the foot pop. It reminds me of The Princess Diaries. I know, I'm 12.

    And I don't get HBO so my TV watching is boob-free. I'm OK with that. :)

  4. Oh my goodness is your wedding photo adorable! Love the short dress! And the cute white flats. You two are so cute.

    I don't have HBO. Actually, we don't pay for cable TV in general, so I went without GoT too.

    I can't tell you how excited I am to read your WIP. You say you need betas? *waves hand* Pick me! Pick me!

    And lastly, thank you for the shout-out about my book deal. You are too kind. "Harper freaking Teen" <-- I still keep saying this myself! :)

  5. That picture is TOO freaking cute!! I hope you post more from the wedding! I absolutely love what you're wearing.

    Wow, congrats on finishing a draft! That's really exciting.

  6. I am SO jealous about A Game of Thrones! I absolutely love those books and we don't have Sky so I can't watch - wahhh!

    Happy Anniversary for Wednesday and enjoy your trip :) And Congrats on that first draft - yay you!

  7. Your wedding photo is freaking adorable! Love your style! Happy anniversary. :)

  8. Tornadoes make me think of Oz!
    Congrats on finishing the rough draft and also for your anniversary. Happy days!

    Oh, and just watched Game of Thrones tonight. Agree with your observations (boobies, incest), but it's looking like I imagined the book and Peter Dinklage is an excellent Tyrian.

    Congrats to your friend Erin, too!

  9. Eeee, happy anniversary!! What an adorable picture of you guys. Love the yellow!

    And wow, congrats on finishing the draft--so quick! Super excited to hear more about it at some point--or read it? Maaaaybe? :P

  10. Lindsay, glad to have found another Game Of Thrones fan! Despite the boobage, I'm really excited for this season to unfurl! I think it's going to be pretty awesome.

    Lynn, you should get HBO so we can talk about Game Of Thrones! But wait...come to think of it, don't get HBO. All of their shows are far too addicting!

    Tracey, aw thanks! We actually took our wedding pictures in Old Town Alexandria! I always have good memories when I go down there now. :)

  11. Erin, ohhhh you would read my manuscript?! If you're not too buried in revisions for LAICOS, I might have to take up your offer!

    Kelly, thank you! I have a bunch of wedding pictures on Facebook if you want to see them! You're more than welcome to friend me! (My profile name is Caroline Tung Richmond.)

    Alexa, I haven't read the Game Of Throne books! Should I pick them up at the store or library? I haven't read adult fantasy in a long time but I've heard they're really good!

  12. Katy, thank you so much! I still can't believe I've been married for FOUR years. Time has flown by so quickly!

    Ian, another Game Of Thrones fan! Yay! Are you still watching Boardwalk Empire by any chance? Is Game Of Thrones more of your cup of tea?

    Meg, I'd love for you to be my beta reader! I'm HONORED you'd be willing to read for me! And one of these days, I'd love to take a peek at The Iron Wood. :)

  13. Congrats on your wedding anniversary!
    And YAY for finishing that draft! :D