Blast From The Past!


I drove past my old high school the other day and the sudden realization hit me... Holy cow, I'm gettin' old! I graduated ten years ago, which means I'm currently 28. Which also means that there are high school freshmen who are literally half my age.


Sometimes I get a little hyperventilate-y about how quickly the last decade has passed me by, but it's also fun to reminisce about my teenage years. You know what I love to reminisce about the most? My days singing and dancing in my high school rock 'n roll revival show, "Blast From The Past." (It was a lot like Glee actually!)

Happily, my high school still does a Blast From the Past production every year so my best friend Amanda and I are going to watch it this weekend. Back during our high school days, Amanda and I OBSESSED over our productions: about the songs we got to sing, about our costumes, about the cute boys we had crushes on. Ah, memories...

If you're interested, here's a video of the opening song from Blast 1999. If you watch closely, you'll see my nerdy self at the 0.59 and 2:46 minute marks... Go ahead and laugh at me. Yes, I'm totally wearing a denim vest. And yes, I totally winked at the camera. What was I thinking?!

Okay, now that I've showed you an embarrassing moment from my past, you have to spill one of your less-than-proud moments from your high school days!