March 30, 2011

Wednesday Wants

1.) My friend Lynn and I were traipsing around DC yesterday (cherry blossoms! National Portrait Gallery!) and we passed a Pret A Manger on our way to grab something to drink. SQUEE! Pret is a sandwich shop based out of London and I used to go there all the time during my study abroad in the UK. Ah, memories!

Unfortunately, I couldn't find my favorite sandwich at the DC store---the Christmas sandwich that comes with turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. Probably a seasonal thing?

2.) This ModCloth dress is adorable! It reminds me of a modernized version of Alice In Wonderland.

3.) Another dress from ModCloth. LOVE this print!

4.) Lastly, I really want someone to finish my rough draft for me. The first 70K of the book flew by rather quickly but the last 15K are killing me. KILLING ME! My main issue is that these last few chapters are mostly fight scenes and I am terrible at writing this sort of thing. Gah. Gah. GAH!

Fortunately though, my husband helped me map out the scenes so all I have to do is hammer them out. But why must this be so hard? *Whiny voice*

So what are you wanting this fine Wednesday?


  1. Ah, another east coaster! I went down to DC on Sunday to take pictures of the cherry blossoms. We were hoping for snow + cherry blossoms but just got cold + cherry blossoms.

  2. That blue dress is adorable!

    I want tomorrow to magically turn into Friday. And I want work to stop being so busy so I can write some on weekends!

    Good luck with the fight scenes!

  3. Those dresses are adorable. Off to find ModCloth online. :)

  4. I want to be able to breathe, please. Stupid allergies!

    I want LiveJournal to work. It's been down all day.

    I also want that yellow dress. It's super-cute!

  5. Have you ever been to Capriotti's?

    They have one in Maryland but none in DC. They make a Thanksgiving sandwich year round. It's called The Bobbie and it's turkey, stuffing, and cranberries.

    It's amazing!

  6. Oh man, I love writing fight scenes!

    Sorry - it's the action film geek in me. I just picture them as the cool scenes in the movie (maybe even get a song to play while I write it), and let rip.

  7. I'm so wanting to have a clone right now--I have too much on my plate! Cute dresses, btw. :)

  8. I love love love Mod Cloth... in fact I"m wearing a Mod Cloth shirt right now.

  9. The window on that building is gorgeous!

    I want my paper to write itself. I have the quote and the outline sitting waiting for me take it from two pages to four...just can't summon the effort with this heat wave.

  10. I want more time and a clean apartment!

    Had such a fun time on Tuesday! I plan to make more excursions into DC soon - I just found out there is free 3hr parking during the day on Constitution by the ellipse!

  11. Oooh the Cherry Blossom *dies of jealous* We need to see pictures!

    And I LOVE Pret, great sandwiches and it's genius that you can buy half a sandwich. I know this is meant to be for those watching calories, but it's also great for people who can't choose! Although now I am in the land of Pret I am craving a Cosi :)

    @Lynn - there's free parking all around the Smithsonian too, it starts at 10am. By 10.10 it's usually all gone :)

  12. Sierra, I noticed on your Blogger profile that you live in Maryland too! Yay for Maryland! What town do you live in? I'm in the Potomac/Rockville area.

    Tracey, I just adore that blue dress! If only the weather was warm enough to actually wear such a dress... Sigh.

    Katy, I LOVED the dresses you decided to buy from ModCloth! Yay! It's one of my favorite online stores.

  13. Jess, I hate allergies too! I've been sneezing a lot and downing Claritin. And yes, LOVE that yellow dress! I wish it wasn't out of stock.

    Monica, OMG I've never even heard of Capriotti's! I looked at their menu and there was a picture of the Thanksgiving sandwich. Drools.

    The Capriotti's closest to me is kind of far away but my friend is getting married in that town in a few months so I definitely plan on hitting it up! Thank you so much for the tip!

    Ian, what is it about boys and fight scenes? Haha. I think fight scenes just overwhelm me! There's so much planning I have to do to make sure the whole thing sounds plausible. Bleh. Give me a kissing scene any day!

  14. Pam, I want a clone too! I wish I had a copy of myself who could just work on my books all day. Ahh, that would be wonderful. :)

    Erinn, yay for ModCloth! I'm seriously hoping I can buy that yellow dress if it's in stock again.

    Steph, heat wave?! Where do you live? When can I come visit? Haha. We're having a cold snap in DC and it has been raining for two days. Ugh...

  15. Lynn, free parking? Yay! We should definitely do some more sightseeing in DC this spring and summer! And more happy hours too. :)

    Alexa, I miss you! Why must you live all the way in England?! I really wish I had a Pret closer to my house--I just discovered that they sell cookies too!

  16. Well now I want a Christmas sandwich! Oh man those were so good!