March 5, 2011

Saturday Six

1.) Huzzah! My grand designs to create a YA Mafia have turned out nicely! I've already had fifteen people sign up (re: comment on my last post) to join me in my adventure in organized crime. And the cookies you guys have sent are delicious. Delicious!

2.) Since every mobster needs a good mobster name, I've provided awesome titles for each one of my mafia members. Some of you have picked your own names, which is awesome as well.

Pam Harris = Sweet P. 
Stina Lindenblatt = The Hammer
Kate Hart = Knuckles
Lisa Gail Green = Machine Gun
Lori Lee = Smoots
Amparo Ortiz = Big Tuna (One of my favorites!) 
Yahong = YCintegration
Ian Bontems = The Butcher
Jessica Spotswood = Switchblade Spotswood
Rick = Three Finger Johnny
Lindsay = Snickers McGee
Tyhitia Green = Twinkle Toes
Marquita Hockaday = Big Baker Q (She provides our refreshments.)
Krista Ashe = Bugsy 
Meredith = Hacksaw Tom

3.) Want a mafia name? Comment on this post! I'll see what I can do...

4.) As for non-mafia matters, there is a Chocolate Festival this weekend in Fairfax, Virginia and I want to go very, very badly. But Justin does not want to go. :o( If only my sister was here...

5.) My local Border's is closing *Sob* I've been going to this store since I was in middle school and so I am in deep mourning. I can't even muster a lot of excitement over the 50% off sales because I'm sad that I won't be able to wander around the store much longer.

6.) Still plugging ahead on my new WIP! (A YA alternate history.) I've written about 56K so far and I hope to finish in two or three weeks. Fingers crossed!


  1. Three Finger Johnny, huh? Oh well. Opposable thumbs were nice while they lasted.

  2. LOL your post on the mafia was the best I've read! I want to join and I want a name :) When we meet on Friday we should wear our hats and false mustaches and plot the downfall of ????? ;)

    Oh a chocolate festival, sounds so much more fun then packing, which is what I'm doing!

  3. They call me the Butcher because that's what I do to my prose. ;)

    You have to go to the Borders closing sale - I went to mine. Kind of a way to say goodbye to the old store.

    Great going on the new YA - that's some pace!

  4. YES!! Fear me, I am Big Tuna!

    Okay. That sounded much more threatening in my mind.

    Anyway, CONGRATS on the 56k!! Cheering for you to finish that baby soon! Then you can finish MY manuscript for me ;)

  5. YES!!! I made it into the Mafia :) Now, wait a minute...why didn't I know about this choc. festival in my own state??? I guess I wouldn't traveled all the way to Fairfax, but still :( And our closest Borders is closing,too. I'll probably check out the sale but I'll be wearing my best pissed face. Congrats on reaching 56K!

  6. Rick, opposable thumbs? Pshaw. So not necessary these days. :)

    Alexa, LOL! Yes, we totally need to have fake mustaches and trenchcoats at our meetup this week! Speaking of which, I am still so bummed that you're leaving...

    Ian, you're right, of course. I need to say goodbye to my beloved Border's. *Sniff*

    Big Tuna, I'm trembling! You're one scary, mofo! :) And yes, you are more than welcome to hire me to finish your book. I prefer payment in cookies.

    Marquita, ahhhh I so want to go to the chocolate festival! I just don't want to go alone because people will pity me and whisper, "Look at that poor woman! Here all alone and stuffing her face full of chocolate..." Haha.

  7. I meant to reply to you last post but I'll respond here instead.

    Yes Yes YES - I want to join your Mafia. Now all I need is a name...

    (Sorry to hear about your local bookstore closing :-( sad times)

  8. I found this list of indie bookstores listed out in relation to closing Borders stores. Maybe you can find a new favorite bookshop?

    Also, so glad to hear the WIP is still rockin'. Good for you :)

  9. Haha! I am only now catching up on blogs from the weekend and this is awesome. I want to join your YA mafia please. I was a Girl Scout so I'm good with knots. I can be in charge of tying people up, or something. Cookies are on their way.

    And congratulations on your 56k, that is freaking amazing!!!!

  10. How did I miss this post? I LOVE MY MAFIA NAME LOL

  11. Kate, consider yourself a newly minted member of my mafia! Your secret name? Muscles.

    Erin, thank you so much for the link! I have a B&N near my house, but I'd love to patronize an indie bookstore. Very much appreciated!

    Robin, you were a Girl Scout? Your talent with knots will be very welcome in the mafia. :) Let's see...would the name Revolver be okay with you?

    Lori, so glad you like your new alias! I love the name Smoots. It's so fun to say!