Saturday Six

1.) Huzzah! My grand designs to create a YA Mafia have turned out nicely! I've already had fifteen people sign up (re: comment on my last post) to join me in my adventure in organized crime. And the cookies you guys have sent are delicious. Delicious!

2.) Since every mobster needs a good mobster name, I've provided awesome titles for each one of my mafia members. Some of you have picked your own names, which is awesome as well.

Pam Harris = Sweet P. 
Stina Lindenblatt = The Hammer
Kate Hart = Knuckles
Lisa Gail Green = Machine Gun
Lori Lee = Smoots
Amparo Ortiz = Big Tuna (One of my favorites!) 
Yahong = YCintegration
Ian Bontems = The Butcher
Jessica Spotswood = Switchblade Spotswood
Rick = Three Finger Johnny
Lindsay = Snickers McGee
Tyhitia Green = Twinkle Toes
Marquita Hockaday = Big Baker Q (She provides our refreshments.)
Krista Ashe = Bugsy 
Meredith = Hacksaw Tom

3.) Want a mafia name? Comment on this post! I'll see what I can do...

4.) As for non-mafia matters, there is a Chocolate Festival this weekend in Fairfax, Virginia and I want to go very, very badly. But Justin does not want to go. :o( If only my sister was here...

5.) My local Border's is closing *Sob* I've been going to this store since I was in middle school and so I am in deep mourning. I can't even muster a lot of excitement over the 50% off sales because I'm sad that I won't be able to wander around the store much longer.

6.) Still plugging ahead on my new WIP! (A YA alternate history.) I've written about 56K so far and I hope to finish in two or three weeks. Fingers crossed!