February 9, 2011

Writing Meltdown? Retail Therapy to the Rescue!

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I had a writing meltdown yesterday. Okay, it was more of a mini-meltdown. No wailing or gnashing of teeth. But a few tears? Yeah.

Whenever I get down, there's one thing that always makes me feel better.


Shoes, bags, cute sweaters, adorable dresses. I might not buy anything, but the act of shopping makes me forget my woes. At least for little while.

So last night, I decided to do some online perusing of purses. I've been meaning to get a new bag for a few weeks now so I had a lot of fun poking around different websites.

Purse #1
I've really been hankering for spring to arrive and I think this would be a great purse for warmer weather. Lovely color! Although I worry that I'd get it dirty...

Purse #2
I don't have a brown purse and I think this is was adorable. Love the pattern in the leather!

Purse #3
I love the splash of bright orange on this purse. Fun!

Purse #4
I've been eying this purse for awhile now--I love bows!--but I worry if it would match the clothing in my wardrobe. 

Which one do you like the most? And what are you hankering to buy these days?


  1. I hate writing meltdowns! I do like to window/actual shop to take my mind off it as well. :)

    I love the first one. I had a purse in a similar colour, but it got dirty easily. *sniff*

  2. I love #3 best bc of the fun orange, but it seems more fall to me.

  3. Writing meltdowns are terrible -- but window-shopping definitely does make it better. I absolutely adore the first one. It looks so cute!

  4. Sorry to hear about the mini-melt. What caused it?

    Oh, and I have absolutely no comment on the bags.

  5. My fav is #1, but I don't just worry I'd get it dirty, I KNOW I'd get it dirty. lol!

    I want a long purple coat like my sister has. I want to steal it right off her back whenever I see it! But it's nearly spring (maybe?), so I think I'll wait til next winter :(

    I also desperately need a set of floor lamps for my apartment!

  6. Number one! I have a white purse that I barely use because I'm afraid it will get dirty. And dirty white is just disgusting. But this one's so pretty. I love the ruching in the middle. And that color is gorgeous.