February 3, 2011

Giveaway: Who Wants a Free Pair of Ballet Flats?

I was rummaging through my closet last night when I happened across an adorable pair of Gap ballet flats. (As seen above.) I frowned when I saw these shoes and let out a sigh.

"You are so cute!" I said to them wistfully. "But you're too small for me. Alas!"

Then, the shoes looked up at me with their sad eyes and said, "Indeed we are cute and adorable---and it's not our fault your toes are so long! We're wasting our potential here. The world needs to see our cuteness!"

Such rude shoes! But they were right. They're wasting away in my closet and thus preventing the world from cooing at their cuteness.

So I decided to give them away on my blog! For free! All you have to do to enter are these two simple things:

1.) Follow my blog!
2.) Leave a comment with your email address so I can contact you in case you win!

Bonus: You'll get an extra entry for each time you spread the word about the contest. Twitter, blogging, Facebook, etc. Just let me know in the comments! (Unfortunately, this contest is only open to people living in the U.S.)

This contest will be open until Wednesday, February 9th, at 11:59PM!

Here are the details:

Brand: Gap
Size: 8
Color: Evergreen
Condition: Like new. I wore these shoes a grand total of...two times!

As a disclaimer, these shoes run a tad small. I think they will fit nicely if you're a 7.5 or a true 8, but they'll be uncomfortable if your feet are any larger. (Damn it! I love these shoes!)

Please give these adorable shoes a good new home! 


  1. Caroline--you are a kind soul. Bless those long toes! lisav3 at gmail :)

  2. I want! But, alas, my feet are too big as well.

    My feet have grown half a size with each pregnancy. No joke. This is why I can't have any more kids. :)

  3. julie9:04 PM

    Yup I'm a 7 1/2 sometimes 8. Those would be a perfect Cinderella fit for me. :) Caroline, I love your blog. It always makes me snort. LOL. My email is julieloden@gmail.com.

  4. Hi Caroline,

    I just love that you have such a healthy relationship with your shoes! If you books are as funny and interesting as you are I bet your rep will find a publisher fast.

    Also, I really love that you are sharing the things that go along with finding a rep and moving along the road to becoming published. I'm learning stuff all the time. I have one book published through Findhorn, but it isn't fiction and the process was so different. I had no idea...

    Anyway my tooties are 7.5's and I'll be happy to pass along the info about your contest. I am so glad I connected with you on twitter.

    Carol Holaday

  5. Hey there! Just found your blog. Darn cute shoes, but alas, my ridiculously small feet are only a size 6. Which is good if you are an adult who still wants to find Wizards of Wavery Place sneakers. Which I'm really not. Love me some cute ballet flats - congrats to whomever wins!

  6. Lisa, I actually have more shoes in my closet that I need to give away! You should visit me in DC. :)

    Lex, I didn't know that feet could grow during pregnancy! Hmm, does this mean you get to buy new shoes with each kid? Sounds kind of fun!

    Julie, thanks for entering my very first contest! And I'm glad I can make you snort. Hehe.

    Carol, thanks so much for tweeting about this contest! And thank you too for the kind comment. I'll keep my fingers crossed that both of us will get (fiction) book deals soon!

    Dangerous, what a fun handle! Love it. And thanks so much for following my blog! Incidentally, my MIL has tiny feet--5.5. She has the cutest shoes but I can't even stick my toes in them!

  7. Alas, I am with Lex. They are adorable but since G was born I am definitely an 8.5. Boo.