February 6, 2011

I want DC. He wants Montana. Where the HELL will we live?!

My husband and I agree on a lot of things.

A deep love of books, for instance.
A passion for travel.
The number of kids we'd like to have.
Creme brulee. (We both agree it is very delicious.)
Politics. (Well, mostly agree.)

Of course, there are a lot of things we disagree on as well.

What types of books we read. (Me = Fiction. Him = Non-fiction)
What sort of TV shows we like. 
And where we should settle down.

See, Justin grew up in rural Indiana (AKA The Boondocks) so he loves wide open spaces and lots of land that sprawls outward for acres upon acres. On the other hand, I grew up right outside of Washington, DC (AKA Awesomeness) and so I love metropolitan areas with yummy ethnic restaurants, plenty of things to do, and a healthy minority population so I don't feel like an Asian freak.

Due to our very different upbringings, Justin and I have had a really hard time figuring out where we should eventually settle down and raise our large brood of two children. He wants Montana or New Mexico. I want Maryland or Virginia or DC. We. Cannot. Agree.

But we can try to compromise, right? And so, we've been brainstorming ideas on where we should live.  We think Denver could be a good compromise.

Or Portland, Oregon.

Maybe I could grow to love the mountains and open spaces and the West? Hmm... As long as there's good restaurants and an Anthropologie!

Of course, the best case scenario would be for me to sell my book for a million dollars so we can spend half the year in Old Town Alexandria (the cutest city ever just south of DC) and half the year in western Montana. Now THAT would be pure awesomeness. 

Old Town!

Beautiful Missoula!

So where would you settle down if money wasn't a factor? And where do you think Justin and I should live? :)


  1. It's so funny that you said "Old Town" because that's where I live! King Street Blues is like eight blocks from me.


    I agree that a 50/50 split sounds like a good idea (and I've certainly thought of it for myself before), but I'm weird. I'm a native NYCer who pretty much hates cities. Alexandria is probably still too big for me, and I miss the wide open - and sparsely populated - country of central PA where I went to school.

  2. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Don't do it!!!!!!

    The wilderness is dangerous! A bear will eat you! Mountain lions will attack! Don't you guys watch When animals attack?!!

    Besides, I would selfishly lose my eating buddy. Oh the inhumanity of it all!

    BTW - with regards to health care and education since I know you guys want to have kids - health care options for delivery is better here and public school education is hands down better in this area. That's a statistical fact. In order to get the same level of education that you would get free here, you would have to send your child to private school elsewhere.

    Need more arguments?

  3. You might hate me. I'm voting against you. Wide open spaces!!! Mountains and hills and rural wonderfulness! But I grew up in a small town. So did my husband. We are bias and luckily don't have disagreements on this topic.

    I think you and your man can find a nice middle ground though. There are lots of places that are near great shops and eats but aren't surrounded by towering buildings. It's still no easy feat to find the right place though.

    The 50/50 split is so awesome, for people fortunate enough to end up there. House on a lake in the mountains where trees are your only neighbors. Flat in the city or on the outskirts, where food and shops and attractions are plenty! Man, those peeps have the life. :)

  4. Rick, you live in Old Town?! When can I move in? Hahaha, totally kidding. I swear I'm not a creeper. :)

    My husband and I went down to Manassas last weekend and I think it might be the best of both worlds. Small town feel yet DC isn't too far away!

    Ellen, I don't want to leave either for fear of losing our wonderful lunches!!!

    I need you to talk to my husband! He can't get past the horrible traffic in DC. He must see that the public schools are so good here! (Fortunately, we will definitely be here for at least another year and a half. Plenty of time to change his mind! Haha.)

  5. Erin, I think I could get sold on wide open spaces as long as there is civilization nearby! I do love pretty views and no traffic. :)

    I would LOVE to be one of those lucky people who get to live in two places. How do they get to be so lucky?!

  6. Denver is a surprisingly cool city, I mean aside from the whole snow situation. And Portland is also cool.

    So I guess my vote is for compromise!

  7. Gabe and I would love to live in Portland too. So, do that. And then we can buy houses on the same street as Kristen and Jason and buy Tevas start an organic apple orchard.

  8. I loved Portland when I went there. I am so sad to leave DC though it is an amazing city despite the insane traffic and the snowstorms :) And I must make a final trip to Alexandria - have you been to the Brit Fish and Chip shop? It's fabulous!

    If I could live anywhere I'd go for San Francisco - fault line be damned - I think it's my favourite city ever.

  9. Ooh but if you go to Denver though you have Breckenridge Ridge only an hour away - lovely!

  10. Ha! This sounds just like me and Ryan--we've got the same dilemma and finally settled on the same two cities. Go for the compromise!!

  11. I think you know my vote already, BUT go for Missoula or Kalispell. Those are BEAUTIFUL places and "bigger." At least in Missoula lots is going on and there is shopping. :) Fun times. Good luck deciding!

  12. denver is a good place - lots of sunshine, cool city, smallish and outdoorsy for people who prefer country. my sisters live near there and we think maybe some day we'll have a home there too. let's all meet in denver. :)

  13. Aly & Lex, I'd LOVE to move to Portland! It seems like Justin prefers Denver so I might have to work on him... Haha.

    Alexa, I am so sad that you are leaving DC! But you're moving to London--my most favorite city ever! I agree with you though that San Francisco is awesome. It's beautiful and there's so much to do!

    Lisa, that's so funny that you and Ryan faced the same dilemma! Admittedly, Justin and I still have a lot of discussing to do and we probably won't leave for another year and a half.

    Bridgette, I love Missoula but I'm afraid of the winters! Do you think I'll freeze to death? Haha.

    Lindsay, yes let's definitely all meet up in Denver!

  14. My husband and I have the same debate. He wants to live in the country where we have to travel close to an hour for groceries. Where there is NO ANTHROPOLOGIE. I like civilization and Whole Foods. I'd love to live in Old Town but I figure I'd have to take up bank robbery to afford it.

    Although you may have sold me on Montana with that photo. Gorgeous.

  15. We just may end up in Portland, so I vote for that. And hey, you'd already have an optometrist.

  16. That is such a toughie. My Bunnyhunny wants to move to the boonies in New Mexico and I am like a growing flower here in San Diego where I feel like we have it all, hills, trees, water, fun activities, EVERYTHING. He just sees the traffic and the taxes these days . . . sigh.

    The thing I do know is that we'll eventually settle on something that can feed both of our spirits, probably in the country outside a metro area so he can have his "country life" and I can have access to the city.

    Maybe something like that will work for you guys too. Montana? My friends there love it but they love freezing temps and lots of snow--not my cup of tea.
    You know, outside Indianapolis isn't bad at all. I love Indiana, except at corn tassling (sniffle/sneeze).

  17. Yes yes yes! I'll start scouting potential farms for sale :) But for the record I don't wear Tevas.

    And don't go to Denver. You'll have to live in the snow.

  18. This is so funny because my husband and I have had similar debates. Of course, we now live in the small town of Solvang. Closest Anthropologie is 40 minutes away, but I do love it here!

  19. Anonymous11:34 AM

    I think you should come to Europe. Slovenia. Beautifull. It got mountain, villages, sea, cityes..... the only problem is the language!;)