January 24, 2011

Who Wants to Go to a Writers' Conference?

I really wish I could attend the SCBWI Winter Conference in New York City this weekend, but alas I cannot. (Impromptu trips to Hawaii will do that to you!) Fortunately, there will be a regional SCBWI conference not far from where I live in March, and I definitely plan on attending that. Plus, it's pretty cheap!

Here's the info:

"Spring Into Action"
March 12, 2011 (8:50AM - 5:15PM) 
Bishop Clagett Retreat Center
Buckeystown, Maryland

I'm pretty excited because the conference faculty includes a few fantastic editors from Dial Books and Marshall Cavendish as well as amazing authors like Kathi Appelt, who wrote the Newbery Honor-winning novel The Underneath. Even better, Rosemary Stimola will be there! She represents Suzanne Collins so I must bow down to her.

If you're in the DC area and if you write for kids/teens, you should definitely think about coming! Definitely let me know if you register---we could carpool or something!

Aaaannnddd lastly, I've already been thinking about what I'll wear. (Haha. Why do I love getting dressed up so much?!) I really want the purse shown below but it costs, like, $400. Egads!


  1. I always love SCBWI conferences and really wanted to go to NYC just like you! I don't live too far from the DC area! I might just have to see what I can do to get to this conference. Sounds like it's going to be fun :)

  2. Oh, let me know if you plan on going! I attended this conference in 2009 and I had a great time!

  3. I wish I were going to the March conference. It's close to me, too. But alas, I've got so many other (costly) commitments in the next few months, I won't be able to make it. I hope you have a great time!

  4. I'd LOVE to go! Sadly, DC is a bit of a trip for me (like, 3000 miles!). I'm thinking about attending the WA SCBWI conference in April though, and your outfit of choice has totally inspired me. Love the bag! :)

  5. I am in! I've never been to a SCBWI conference, so maybe it is a good idea to start with a one-day thing. We should totally carpool.

  6. I'm going to the NY SCBWI, but I'd love to go to this one too! I'm glad you mentioned it.

  7. Janet, awww, it would've been so awesome to meet you in person!

    Katy, you'll have to let me know how the SCBWI WA conference goes!

    Lynn, let's do it! I'm really excited to know someone going to this conference. Last time I went, I huddled by myself most of the time. Haha.

    Guinevere, yay! I hope to see you there!

  8. I'm quite jealous! Have fun!

  9. THat sounds like so much fun! I considered going to the conference in NY too, but decided against it ultimately. I'm definitely going to hit one in 2011 though!!!

  10. I'd love to go to a conference, any conference. The shy part of me slinks back into the shadows in fear at the notion, but I think it would be an interesting thing to do.

  11. AHHHH it's the day after I leave DC, how typical!

    Hope you'll be sharing what you learn on the blog though :)

  12. Just wanted to say I was just eyeballing that skirt the other day. You have good taste. :)

  13. I didn't know about this one and I do live in MD. I'll have to check my school schedule but if I can make it I'd love to carpool =)

  14. Shawntelle, thanks! I haven't been to a conference in awhile so I'm excited!

    Alexa, nooooo! Why do you have to leave?!

    Alexis, thank you! I'm definitely drooling over that skirt.

    Sierra, yay! Where do you live in Maryland? I'm in Potomac, around 45 minutes to the conference center. Feel free to send me an email so we can discuss! (carolinetrichmond at gmail dot com)