December 10, 2010

Friday Five! (Birthday Edition!)

1.) Today is my birthday! I am a whopping 28 years old. I'm excited because Justin has made reservations tonight at a restaurant in Georgetown. But I'm also scared because this means I turn 30 in two years. Eeek!

2.) I know, I know. I'm a Polyvore addict! I made a birthday wishlist...

Out of all of these items, I think I'd like the "Star Trek: The Next Generation" boxed set the most. Clothes may go out of style, but Star Trek is forever! *Cue Justin laughing at me*

3.) And here are a few more things I wouldn't mind getting for my birthday:

* A fairy godmother
* A good health insurance plan that won't break the bank
* A tub of Nutella
* For Democrats and Republicans in Congress to stop hating each other
* A Ragdoll cat to cuddle with and that won't make me sneeze
* A book deal :o)
* A voyage on the Starship Enterprise with Captain Picard as my personal tour guide

4.) On the writing front, my YA dystopian is chugging along slowly. I absolutely love writing the beginning and ending of a novel, but I hate writing the middle. It's so hard! Must. Slog. Through. It.

Still, I'm excited about the book's premise and I'm doing research on it by looking up info on Catholic monasteries and fertility treatments. Random yet fun!

5.) And lastly, thank you for reading my blog! I really mean it. I love reading your comments---it always makes me laugh and smile. I hope you guys have a great weekend! 


  1. Wow! Happy birthday! I'm thirty next Feb. EEEEK!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! Your wishlist is better than mine!

    Best of luck with your WIP! I have a feeling it's going to be awesome, based on what your researching alone. Hope your wishes come true!

  3. Happy bday, c-line! Love your bday lists--especially how the same person could be asking for over-the-knee boots and the ST boxed set.

  4. Happy birthday!! I hope it's a good one :D

  5. Happy Birthday - may you receive multiple jars of Nutella.

    30 only seems ancient until you get there, then it's only a speed bump on the way to old age.

    Enjoy your day.

  6. Happy Birthday!!! Star Trek IS forever :) Have fun at 1789, and let me know how it is (I've never been there). And for the book deal, tell Jim to Make It So! lol.

    I love random book research. Though it does make my search bar history look very odd ...

  7. Happy, Happy Birthday, Lady! Hope this is evening is spectacular. I've always wanted to eat at 1789 and will expect a full report. Enjoy your special day!

  8. Hooray, happy birthday! That dress is adorable. WANT.

    Love the random research topics. Isn't is bizarre where books take you? Love it. :)

  9. Happy Birthday! 30 is fine but then I still think I am 18 in my head :)

    The restaurant looks fabulous - enjoy! Tell us what you had for pudding!

    Good luck with the middle!

    And I love how a jar of nutella is higher on the list than a book deal :)

  10. well, happy birthday, and here's to be being 28 (that's my age too, and so far it's been pretty good:)!

    i was surprised that 'book deal' wasn't number one on your list, but then i thought if you had a fairy godmother you could get that and MORE!

    hang in there on your novel...the fact that you've finished one already means you. are. awesome.

  11. Thanks for all of the lovely birthday wishes everybody! Very much appreciated!