November 17, 2010

Random Thoughts on a Wednesday Evening

1.) Justin recently got us memberships to our local gym. Wahoo? I really need to start working out, but I'm also as lazy as a sloth.

2.) So I went to a beginner's yoga class on Tuesday at the gym...and it was SO hard! The instructor kept coming over to chide me how I was doing the "Downward Dog" pose all wrong. ("You cannot lock your elbows! Your hands should be splayed like this!") And then in the middle of the class, this woman totally starts doing a headstand! Turns out, I had totally attended the wrong class. Whoops...

3.) Tonight, I met with my lovely agent-sisters Robin Talley and Jessica Spotswood for dinner and it was a blast as always!  Both of their WIPs sound really awesome and I'm sure we'll be hearing about their publishing deals in 2011. 

4.) My birthday is coming up in a couple weeks (I'm turning 28. Yipes!) and I'm debating if I should ask for a gift certificate to Anthropologie or to Anthro is, like, my favorite clothing store ever but my reading list has grown exponentially in the past month. For instance, I really want to read the non-fiction book "The Emperor of Maladies" and I also want to tackle "The Lonely Polygamist." Hmm, decisions decisions! 

5.) My NaNo project is going pretty well but I need to make up a few thousand words. So far, I've written over 25,000-words, which is a feat in it of itself since I'm the slowest writer in the world. Plus, I'm easily distracted by shiny things. Gotta keep chugging along though! 

6.) Is anyone else a fan of the new HBO series, Boardwalk Empire? I'm kind of in love with it! The Roaring Twenties is my favorite era of history and it's really cool to watch a TV show rooted in this period. If I ever give up on this fiction writing thing, then I plan on getting a PhD in American history and focusing my dissertation on the flappers. Flappers are effing awesome, yo!


  1. Your #2 made me laugh! That kind of thing would so happen to me.

    Congrats on your NaNo progress! You're doing great!

  2. OMG, I'm out of the loop living overseas--have never even heard of Boardwalk Empire. But from your description it is something I need to be watching YESTERDAY.

    I want to have a twenties-themed party... With sequins...

  3. i just heard the "Emperor of Maladies" author on NPR yesterday--you too?

  4. Yikes! I love Anthro! I just went on a little birthday spree there a couple of weeks ago.

    Oh and I haven't seen that show but I share your love of flappers. I dressed as one for Halloween before the kids were born. So fun.

  5. Jennifer, thanks! I still need to catch up on my NaNo count, but I think (I hope!) I'll reach 50K by the end of the month.

    Meagan, Boardwalk Empire is SO good! You should try to watch the series whenever the first box set comes out. I love it!

    Kris, I've actually been waiting for months for this book to come out! It got a lot of buzz at Book Expo America back in May and I've been hankering to read it since I've known a few people with cancer. Maybe we can add this to our book club too? :)

    Linds, OMG you like Anthro too?! I need to get to Chicago stat and we need to go shopping and go watch Oprah!

  6. love flappers too! :)