November 11, 2010

Friday Five (A Day Early!)

Since I'll be out-of-town tomorrow, I thought I'd post my "Friday Five" a day early. Annnnd, here we go!

1.) We got back early this morning from Justin's grandfather's funeral. The service itself was lovely---a military burial, beautiful flowers, and funny remarks during the eulogy. Justin's family shared some awesome, border-line irreverent stories about Grandpa Ingersoll but I know he would've loved it. 

The day after the funeral, we headed to Grandpa's house to clear things out and we found some amazing old photographs, including a picture of Justin's great-grandfather in his WWI fighter plane. (World War I is one of my favorite periods of history so I thought that was very cool!) Below, you'll see a picture of Justin's grandpa during his pilot days in WWII. Isn't he quite dashing?

2.) Ugh, I ate so much junk food while we were gone. This always happens when I'm traveling. McDonald's. California Tortilla. Subway. Pizza. Man, my poor tummy... I think I'm going to have a gigantic salad tonight.

3.) My NaNo project is coming along well, but it's been on hiatus during our trip to the funeral. I have a lot of catching up to do, but I've hammered out 14,000-words so far! That's a lot of writing for me because I am a S-L-O-W writer. I'm going to have to churn out my output to reach 50K though. I can do it though! I think I can, I think I can! 

4.) Right now, I'm reading the middle grade novel, ONE CRAZY SUMMER, and it is amazing. Amazing! If this book doesn't win the Newbery this year, I will be flabbergasted. The book is about three sisters who spend a summer in Oakland with their mother, who abandoned them years before. Since the story is set in 1968, there are some fabulous historical details in the novel: the Black Panthers, the assassination of JFK, hippies, etc.

5.) Early tomorrow morning, Justin will drop me off at the airport (again) and I'll be heading to Charleston for a writer's retreat. Wahoo! I'm meeting up with three members of my critique group and our schedule this weekend will be simple: write, read, talk, eat, and drink. I'm super excited! 

So what are you guys up to this weekend? Any plans? And whatcha reading right now?


  1. What a fantastic photo! I love it. So dashing, indeed!

    That book sound totally awesome. I once took a class in college that was all about theater during 1968--an entire semester focusing on ONE tiny aspect of the craziness of that year. It's an absolutely amazing period in our history--I so want to read that book now!

  2. I'm. So. Jealous.

    Have a blast and congrats on the NaNoWriMo wordage!!!

  3. I'm jealous too! What a great weekend. I hope you have a fabulous time and get loads of writing done!

    That is a fantastic photo. I have a great one of my dad in his air force uniform. I'm glad the service was lovely and you all enjoyed remembering him.

  4. Wow, we went to my husband's grandfather's funeral this week, too.

    We're nearly out of elders in my family now.
    Time to make sure we've saved all the best irreverent stories for the great grandchildren to come.