Friday Five (A Day Early!)

Since I'll be out-of-town tomorrow, I thought I'd post my "Friday Five" a day early. Annnnd, here we go!

1.) We got back early this morning from Justin's grandfather's funeral. The service itself was lovely---a military burial, beautiful flowers, and funny remarks during the eulogy. Justin's family shared some awesome, border-line irreverent stories about Grandpa Ingersoll but I know he would've loved it. 

The day after the funeral, we headed to Grandpa's house to clear things out and we found some amazing old photographs, including a picture of Justin's great-grandfather in his WWI fighter plane. (World War I is one of my favorite periods of history so I thought that was very cool!) Below, you'll see a picture of Justin's grandpa during his pilot days in WWII. Isn't he quite dashing?

2.) Ugh, I ate so much junk food while we were gone. This always happens when I'm traveling. McDonald's. California Tortilla. Subway. Pizza. Man, my poor tummy... I think I'm going to have a gigantic salad tonight.

3.) My NaNo project is coming along well, but it's been on hiatus during our trip to the funeral. I have a lot of catching up to do, but I've hammered out 14,000-words so far! That's a lot of writing for me because I am a S-L-O-W writer. I'm going to have to churn out my output to reach 50K though. I can do it though! I think I can, I think I can! 

4.) Right now, I'm reading the middle grade novel, ONE CRAZY SUMMER, and it is amazing. Amazing! If this book doesn't win the Newbery this year, I will be flabbergasted. The book is about three sisters who spend a summer in Oakland with their mother, who abandoned them years before. Since the story is set in 1968, there are some fabulous historical details in the novel: the Black Panthers, the assassination of JFK, hippies, etc.

5.) Early tomorrow morning, Justin will drop me off at the airport (again) and I'll be heading to Charleston for a writer's retreat. Wahoo! I'm meeting up with three members of my critique group and our schedule this weekend will be simple: write, read, talk, eat, and drink. I'm super excited! 

So what are you guys up to this weekend? Any plans? And whatcha reading right now?